Fennel infusion to improve digestion

What fennel principles are suitable for digestion?

Fennel infusion
Fennel infusion can improve your digestion problems

Among the main components of fennel that are suitable for indigestion we have the following

  • Anetol
  • Cineol
  • Beta-carotene

How do we make an infusion of fennel for digestion?

The infusion of fennel to improve digestion is carried out through the flowering tops of the plant, that is, the flowers and the green parts that surround them. The way to do it is the same as most infusions are done. (See how an infusion is performed)

The usual dose is usually one teaspoon of dried flowers per cup of water

What is the daily dosage?

We will drink two cups a day. It can be sweetened with honey or sugar

When is it not appropriate to take fennel infusions for digestion?

Fennel can cause allergic reactions in some people. You should NOT take this preparation, for example, people with breast cancer.

* See more information on fennel contraindications and fennel side effects

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28 November, 2019

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