Nutritional properties of fennel bulbs and plant

Nutritional benefits of fennel

 lettuce and avocado salad with some fennel leaves
Lettuce and avocado salad with some fennel leaves, which give it an exquisite aroma

Fennel bulbs and plant as food

Fennel has been consumed as an aromatic herb and as food for many years. Its bulb (it only develops in cultivated varieties), the leaves of the plant (fresh or dried), flowers and fruits are consumed.

Fennel can be considered as a food-medicine. From it, seeds, dried plant, root or its floral tops are used to make medicinal preparations.

The seeds and the plant are also used as an aromatic spice.

Its essential oil is much appreciated and its bulb is used as food

Benefits of  fennel bulbs

fennel buds in a market
Fennel bulbs in a market.

Fennel bulb or bud is grown for food purposes, it can be found in the markets. Fresh buds are consumed in salads, which can be combined with other vegetables and plants, to enhance their properties.

Boiled has a pleasant and smooth taste. It can be added to stews and it is very suitable to combine with vegetable dishes, in order to avoid the flatulence they produce.

In Italy, there is a belief that consuming this food produces benefits in the mother who is breastfeeding, by the traditional use of this plant as a galactogogue remedy.

They can be cooked like vegetables, with potatoes, with cabbages, etc. They have a very aromatic and strong flavor.

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Fennel as aromatic herb

The leaves and fruits are very useful as aromatic herbs in the kitchen.

Fennel is used as an auxiliary plant for drying some fruits, such as dried figs, to give aroma and prevent the presence of some microorganisms.

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27 January, 2021

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