Fennel cultivation

How to grow fennel (Foeniculum vulgare)

Fennel growing tips

Fennel is an aromatic plant of up to 250 cm of the Umbeliferae family.

Stems erect, glaucous, striated.

Composite green-grayish leaves of triangular section with numerous filiform leaflets.

Yellow flowers in axillary umbels up to 8 cm in diameter, lacking bracts and bracteoles. It blooms in summer

Ovoid fruit with stretch marks.

As a wild plant, it can be found on the edge of roads, uncultivated fields and areas near the coast. Also as a cultivated plant

Fennel watering

Fennel can be easily grown in your garden

Fennel is a plant that grows naturally in dry places with warm weather, so it requires moderate watering.

The land must become  dried between irrigation and irrigation. It should not be flooded. In conditions of moderate rain it is not necessary to water it.

It requires a good drainage system so that the soil is not flooded

For what purposes is fennel grown?

Fennel is grown as:

  • A medicinal plant
  • As an aromatic plant
  • for its edible  fruits, flowers and  stalks.

Where to plant fennel?

Fennel requires a sunny exposure.

When and how should fennel be reproduced?

  • In spring or autumn by seeds directly on the ground.
  • Subsequently remove excess plants leaving a space of 40 cm between them.
  • Protect the base of the stems with soil.

What kind of soil does fennel need?

Fennel prefers well-fertilized soil, with good drainage.

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17 January, 2022

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