How to make a fennel infusion

How to make fennel infusions

Ingredients for a fennel infusion

  • Dry fennel plant
  • Water


  • Place a glass of water  in a saucepan and put on a rapid fire until it boils.
  • Meanwhile, pour one or two tablespoons of dried plant (seeds/fruits/plant) in a cup or glass.
  • When it is boiling, pour the boiling water onto the dried plant.
  • Cover the cup or glass and allow it  to stand for 5 minutes (10 minutes in case of fruits). With this it is achieved that the oils where most of the benefits of fennel are not evaporated.
  • Strain and sip.

Infusions with fennel sachets

Sachet infusion

The above process is performed, except that the water is poured onto the bag that hangs  inside the glass or cup.

What are fennel infusions for?

Fennel infusions are mainly used for the following purposes:

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5 November, 2019

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