Suitable medicinal plants for children

What medicinal plants can children take?

Main home remedies for children

sick boy with a thermometer
sick boy with a thermometer

The main medicinal plants that can be used to treat the main ailments of children are summarized below. A list is proposed with the main affectations of children and the main plants used:

Remedies for coughs, colds and bronchitis in children

Generally the infusions of thyme, plantain, lime or mallow flowers are used.

  • Attention, it is important to note that you have to go to the pediatrician when the child wheezes when breathing, cough, chest, angina or snoring, which do not disappear or worsen with the days, to prevent this state from becoming chronic.

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Remedies for diarrhea in children

Carob chocolate for children's diarrhea
Carob chocolate for children’s diarrhea

A traditional remedy in these cases is the porridge with carob flour, which shortens the time of diarrhea.

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Remedies for constipation in children

To solve it, it is usually increased diet foods that contain fiber, such as carrots, fruits, prunes, nuts (if they can be  eaten), lentils, chickpeas, ground sunflower seeds, …

  • Important! DO NOT give laxative infusions.

One can also use  massages for constipation and follow the advice to defecate shown in the article that is linked below:

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Remedies for gases in children

The seeds of the Carrot family plants –  Umbelliferae – (plants that have flowers in the shape of an umbel) are traditionally used, such as anise, cumin, caraway, coriander or fennel.

Remedies for infant colic

When it comes to babies, it is preferable not to give medicinal plants. A traditional remedy is to give the mother carminative plants, and it is assumed that a small part of these principles goes to the nursing baby. For example, in Italy, it is common for the mother to recommend eating a fennel bulb when the baby has colic.

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6 January, 2021

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