Which are the most healthy vegetables?

What are the best vegetables?

All the vegetables that are in the market are healthy, since their habitual consumption presents health benefits. In addition, vegetables provide nutrients that do not have other foods. For example, few foods have as much folic acid (vitamin B9) as green leaves, and it is almost impossible to take the recommended daily dose of this vitamin without eating vegetables.

salad with avocado
It is convenient that the salads are rich and varied. The more color, the more properties

Among all the possibilities, below we give you some very simple and useful tips to choose those vegetables richer in antioxidants and with more health benefits and consume them properly so that they do not lose or preserve their properties.

What are the vegetables that have the most properties?

Within the world of vegetables, there are some that are more nutritious and healthy than others. The criteria for assessing the best vegetables start from the following points:

  • Vegetables that have a high concentration of nutrients. For example, there are green leaves that multiply by three and by four the vitamin A content of the classic iceberg lettuce.
  • Vegetables richer in antioxidants: Only vegetables can provide us with certain antioxidants, which are almost not found in products of animal origin, such as beta-carotene, quercetin, resveratrol or rutin.
  • Vegetables that contain active ingredients beneficial for health, components that do not contain other vegetables and whose habitual consumption helps to prevent certain diseases such as cancer.

The great importance of eating vegetables

most healthy vegetables
All vegetables are healthy but there are some vegetables you should eat more frequently because they have more healthy properties.

Some people think that the recommendation to eat vegetables is only due to some antiquated method to lose weight, because they are foods that satisfy and have few calories. Nothing is further from reality. You should eat a good vegetable dish or salad at every meal because the vegetable is like a medicine.

beetroot beet
It is false that beets can not be consumed in people with diabetes (their glycemic load is low and they do not have much sugar) (more information)

Eating a lot of vegetables is a scientifically proven nutritional treatment that works very well to improve diabetes, prevent obesity, improve circulation, take care of bone health, and reduce the risk of suffering from these and many other diseases.

Consume those vegetables that have more color and flavor

Within the vegetable option, choose those that have more color and flavor because they have the most phytochemicals.

For example,  rocket is  more nutritious than a white iceberg lettuce. Besides, its  green leaves add a little spicy flavor against a rather insipid  iceberg lettuce, which is practically only water and fiber. Rocket  has fiber, and in addition, many beta carotenes, chlorophyll, and provides glucosinolates (spicy flavor), with antioxidant properties.

In vegetables:
⇧ color + ⇧ taste = ⇧ healthy

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This article was endorsed by Elisenda Carballido - Dietitian nutritionist. Postgraduate in Phytotherapy and master in Nutrition and Metabolism.
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24 March, 2022

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