List of plant-based diets

Healthy vegetarian diets

List of free, healthy, balanced and curative diets

There are countless proposals for a healthy and balanced diet. We decided on a nutrition based on vegetal natural foods.

Although in most of our health information index we provide the most suitable diet for each disease, here we offer a list of those vegetarian diets that our readers have found to be more interesting, although we remind you that you can visit the index to consult all the published diets.

Main healthy plant food diets

Weight loss diet

Allergy Diet

Diet for anemia

Diet for anorexia

Diet for anxiety

Diet for arthritis and osteoarthritis

Diet for wrinkles

Anti-Aging Diet

Fasting diet

Partial fasting diet

Diet for kidney stones

Diet for cellulitis

Diet for cirrhosis

Cholesterol diet

Diet for IBS

Diet for the heart

Diet for stomach ache

Cleansing diet

Diet for edema

Diet for glaucoma

Diet for hematomas

Diet for hemorrhages

Diet for Crohn’s Disease

Diet for depression

Diet for dermatitis

Diet for diabetes

Diet for diverticulitis

Diet for diverticulosis

Diet for multiple sclerosis

Diet for constipation

Diet for stress

Fiber diet

Diet for fibromyalgia

Diet to give up smoking

Diet for Crohn’s Disease

Diet for gonorrhea

Diet for gastritis

Diet for obesity

Diet for osteoporosis

Diet for hypertension

Diet for hepatitis

Diet for hyperthyroidism

Diet for gluten intolerance

Diet for breastfeeding

Diet for the memory

Diet for the libido

Diet for Spring

Diet to prevent cancer

Prostate diet

Diet for psoriasis

Diet for eye health

Diet for AIDS

Diet for syphilis

Diet for sinusitis

Prostate diet

Diet for the old age

Vegetarian diet

Special diets

Strawberry diet

Apple diet

Lemon diet

Pear diet

Grape diet

Grapefruit Diet

Artichoke diet

Maple syrup diet

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This article was endorsed by Elisenda Carballido - Dietitian nutritionist. Postgraduate in Phytotherapy and master in Nutrition and Metabolism.
Written by Editorial Botanical-online team in charge of content writing

3 August, 2022

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