Plant-based diet for irritable colon or irritable bowel syndrome

What to eat with irritable colon?

Some recommended and non-recommended food in the diet of irritable bowel

Some recommended and non-recommended food in the diet of irritable bowel

The diet for irritable colon or irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) consists of following an adequate diet to improve or reduce the symptoms of abdominal pain and intestinal disorders produced by the irritable bowel.

On the other hand, given this disease has a strong psychological or emotional component, in addition to food is necessary to perform relaxation activities

As effective therapies in irritable bowel:

  • Satisfactory medical and psychological treatment
  • Reduce stress or treat the emotional cause of the disease
  • Healthy diet, daily exercise and healthy lifestyle
  • Avoid sedentary lifestyle, tobacco and alcohol

Good food for the irritable bowel

The recommended diet to help improve irritable bowel syndrome is very similar to a healthy diet for the whole family.

The foods that are always recommended or adequate are the following:

vegetable soup

Vegetable soups are recommended

To season, use virgin olive oil, or unrefined seed oils (sunflower, …). Avoid the fried ones.

Diet for each type of irritable bowel: diet constipation or diet for diarrhea


Carrots are very adequate in irritable bowel

The irritable colon can produce, among its many symptoms, episodes constipation, episodes of diarrhea or alternation between both symptoms.

In general, it is convenient:

  • To take a diet very rich in fruits and vegetables when the irritable bowel problem manifests itself in the form of constipation
  • Reduce the amount when there is diarrhea.

Therefore, we must consider offering the most appropriate diet depending on the situation that arises. spicy


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Meat, fish and eggs in irritable bowel

Pumpkin omelette

Pumpkin omelette

In non-vegetarian diets, the most suitable meats are small fish (sardines, sea bass, mackerel, hake, monkfish, …), white meat (chicken, turkey) and eggs.

  • Remove visible fat from meats, such as chicken skin
  • Avoid processed meats (sausages, cold meats, etc.)
  • To some people the egg can feel bad (according to tolerance)

Meat and fish should preferably be steamed, papillote or baked. In general, it is recommended to avoid roasting, barbecues, etc. because the products that form can be irritating to the digestive mucous membranes (they contain PAH, amines and nitrosamines).

Nuts, legumes and whole grains

Whole grains, nuts and legumes are very nutritious and can be eaten, but a previous treatment is recommended to improve their digestibility:

chickpeasChickpeas, lentils and other legumes should be soaked and cooked for a long time. Nuts and whole grains should also be soaked

  • Legumes and whole grains should be soaked at least 8 hours to reduce their content of antinutrients (lecithins, saponins, enzyme inhibitors, phytates, …)

In the case of legumes and whole grains, they have to be cooked long enough until they are well cooked (they are not hard).

When whole grains are consumed, it is recommended to wash them with abundant water and to be organically grown, because in the husk they present traces of pesticides and phytosanitary products.

  • The same procedure should also be followed with quinoa and amaranth, because they contain a large amount of saponins (long soaking and adequate cooking).
  • In the case of nuts, it is recommended to toast them slightly, after soaking for 1 to 3 hours, to destroy their antinutrients (do not fry or add salt) (almonds, walnuts, sesame, etc.)

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19 October, 2021

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