Prohibited food for irritable bowel

Foods to avoid in irritable bowel syndrome


Do foods produce irritable bowel?

No, food does not produce irritable bowel syndrome. However, it is possible that some foods may increase the symptoms of this disorder.

For example, processed foods with a lot of fat, a lot of sugar and additives are usually fatal for the irritable bowel (pastries, cookies, cakes, chocolates, pizzas, etc.).

Alcohol, tobacco, carbonated drinks, very flatulent or indigestible foods can be other examples.

Foods that feel bad in irritable bowel

The irritable colon can produce, among its many symptoms, episodes of constipation, diarrhea or both at the same time.


There is another series of foods that should be avoided, or controlled, if they produce negative effects in the person suffering from this disorder

Food that can not be tolerated by people with irritable bowel

Some foods, without apparent organic cause, can produce adverse reactions such as a lot of flatulence, pain or rapid evacuation. Personal food intolerances are responsible for many cases of diarrhea.

Among the most common list of poorly tolerated foods are:

foods poorly tolerated by people with irritable bowel syndrome

Some foods poorly tolerated by people with irritable bowel syndrome. The intolerances can vary according to each patient.

Excess of fats in irritable bowel

They are not convenient. Among them:

  • Meats
  • Sausages
  • Pâtés
  • Fried foods or foods that contain a lot of fat.
  • Fried vegetables, including French fries

People with irritable bowel, in general, should make light meals and little abundant.

Sweet foods for irritable bowel

sugary products

People with irritable bowel should avoid sugary products

Sweet foods increase too much peristalsis or bowel movements favoring diarrhea. Among these we could mention:

  • Chocolate
  • Sweets
  • Cakes
  • Ice cream, etc.

Artificial sweeteners for irritable bowel

They are not good because the Like or , which also stimulate the evacuation. Among them:

  • Mannitol
  • Sorbitol
  • Soft drinks
  • Sodas, lemonades
  • Chewing gums, including these without sugar
  • Etc

What to eat on special and sweet days?

Homemade truffles without flour

Homemade truffles without flour, with less fat and more nutrients than the industrial equivalents.

It is important to avoid those products that are harmful to the disease.

Industrial products contain a lot of bad fat, too much sugar, dairy, gluten or additives that are not recommended. These foods are not recommended in any healthy diet.

There are healthy substitutes for industrial sweets, without flours, without gluten and without dairy, which can also be very fun to make and are delicious in those days when you want to eat something more special, without stopping eating healthy foods.

Suggested “sweet” recipes for irritable bowel

Truffles with cocoa

Brownie without flour

Fruit skewers.

NO alcohol for irritable bowel

Alcohol makes people with irritable bowel feel sick, in addition to its toxic effects. People with irritable bowel should not drink any alcohol.

NO drinks with caffeine for irritable bowel

They contribute too much to the elimination of liquids (coffee, tea, colas)

Neither carbonated drinks nor spices for irritable vowel

They aggravate the symptoms of pain produced by the irritable bowel.

NO preserves for irritable vowel

Because they contain products that excite the intestine. Among them:

  • Canned vegetables
  • Preserved fruits
  • Soups in sachets
  • Canned fish or meal
  • Processed meals

Foods that can make you feel bad if you have irritable bowel

Baked cauliflower

Baked cauliflower. Some food, such as cauliflower, may not be suitable for some people with irritable bowel, although it can be tolerated by others. People with irritable bowel must test these foods before refusing them.

Some people may have personal intolerance to the following foods, although it is recommended that for a few days the person make a dietary diary to determine what foods they toletate best.

The following foods should not be eliminated from the diet without checking the tolerance:

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5 August, 2021

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