Medicinal plants for heart failure

Herbal treatment of heart failure

Phytotherapy: Herbal remedies for heart failure

Phytotherapy in the treatment of heart failure involves the use of plants with the following properties:

Purifying plants that help remove toxins from the body, improve circulation and help the heart.

Cardiotonic plants that have a tonic effect on the heart muscle, thereby increasing its beat power.

Cardiotonic plants

Broom (Sarothamnus scoparius) The esparteine in the flowers has cardiac tonic properties (it has been been used as a cardiotonic to treat heart failure), also very effective in those cases specially related with water accumulation. (Decoction of one teaspoon of dried flowers per cup of water. Up to three cups a day. Look for its toxicity in the whole study of the plant)

Fumitory (Fumaria officinalis) With properties to reinforce heart beat, very useful to treat heart failure (Infusion for 15 minutes 4 tablespoons per liter of water. Two cups a day)

Maize/corn (Zea mays) The decoction of cornsilk has been used as a resource to improve the symptoms of heart failure in relation to the accumulation of body fluids. (swollen ankles, swollen abdomen, weight gain, etc..) Dangerous treatment. Consult with your doctor



Hawthorn (Crataegus monogyna) Adequate only in cases of mild heart failure (Infusion of a spoonful of mixture of dried leaves and flowers. 2 cups day)

White hawthorn (Crataegus oxyacantha) Due to its cardiotonic properties, white hawthorn can increase the power from your heart to pump blood more easily. This property is used to improve the condition of people suffering from mild heart failure. (Infusion of a spoonful of mixture of dried leaves and flowers twice a day) By improving these shortcomings, it can improve some symptoms associated with it, especially the problem of liquid retention which gives this plant mild diuretic properties.

Another group of plants traditionally used as cardiotonic should not be used to prepare home made remedies because they are very dangerous!

Aconite or monkshood (Aconitum napellus)

Stinking hellebore (Helleborus foetidus)

Foxfloves / Digitalis (Digitalis ssp.)

Lily of the valley (Convallaria majalis)

Spirulina for heart attack: spirulina can be considered a blood thinner remedy that protects against heart attacks, strokes, angina pectoris, Raynaud’s disease, etc. Moreover, the cardioprotective role is further enhanced by the ability of its oils to increase the transmission power of the heart muscle to prevent diseases such as arrhythmias.

Tips for prevention and treat heart failure

Among the most important tips to improve or prevent the apparition of heart failure, we must take into account the following:

Avoid doing efforts: In case of heart failure it is best to rest and perform jobs that require little physical effort in order not to overstrain your heart.

Control the salt intake: Salt encourages fluid retention and increased blood pressure. A low sodium diet is the the most appropriate.

We must avoid foods high in salt, such as ham, sausages, hamburgers, salted meats and canned soups either from animal or plant origin, prepared animal or vegetable broths, canned vegetables or vegetables fried with salt. (You must never salt food) For more details about right foods consult “Hear diet” in the listing below

Do not smoke or drink alcohol: They worsen hypertension and force the heart to perform harder efforts.

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26 May, 2021

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