Properties of tarragon essential oil

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Benefits of tarragon essential oil

Tarragon (Artemisia dracunculus) is an herb native to Central Asia, which was introduced in Europe as a medicinal plant in the Middle Ages.

Tarragon essential oil  is obtained by steam distillation of the leaves of this plant.

Characteristics of tarragon essential oil

Tarragon essential oil is a colorless or pale yellow oil

What does tarragon essential oil contain?

Tarragon essential oil contains estragole (68-70%), cis-and trans-ocimene (12%), limonene (2-6%), thujone, phellandrene, Capilene. * More information: Composition of Tarragon.

Properties of essential oil of tarragon

Tarragon essential oil is used in aromatherapy for its digestive and carminative properties that help treat indigestion, hiccups and flatulence.

It is also a relaxing oil, indicated for insomnia, nervousness and stress.

Caution: essential oil of tarragon is Not recommended because it can be toxic.


Tarragon essential oil may be toxic due to its content of estragole.

– The estragole is the major component of the essential oil, which is also found in other plants such as star anise, fennel and basil.

– Scientific studies warn the estragole may be toxic because of its carcinogenic potential.

– For its thujone content, this oil has abortifacient properties.

* More information: see tarragon toxicity.

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26 November, 2019

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