Plant-based died for multiple sclerosis

Suitable food for multiple sclerosis

Importance of diet in the prevention and treatment of multiple sclerosis

DIET is very important in the prevention and treatment of multiple sclerosis. Numerous studies seem to confirm that some countries have very low rates of this disease due to the type of food consumed by its citizens.

Higher levels of this disease are found in countries with a diet based on consumption of foods rich in saturated fats.

Adequate food for multiple sclerosis

Red cabbage with avocado, aurugula and walnuts
Red cabbage with avocado, aurugula and walnuts . All ingredients are very good for a better blood circulation

Among the main foods we have:

Foods rich in essential fatty acids for multiple sclerosis:

Comparative studies conducted in Japan have shown that the people of this nation are less likely to suffer from this disease. It is believed that this occurs because the Japanese include in their diet very high amount of fish and soy foods, all of them very rich in essential fatty acids.

Within these acids we have the fatty acid Omega 3 that is very suitable for the proper functioning of neurons and chemical transmissions and exerts anti-inflammatory action. The intake of foods rich in this acid is adequate in the prevention of mental illnesses such as depression or schizophrenia.

Blue fish, like tuna, mackerel or sardine, are the ones that contain more amount. Vegetable foods that contain that are linseed, walnuts, almonds, lettuces, purslane, etc

Vegetable oils, like those of linseed, canola, soy and wheat germ contain good amounts of it. However, one should not take more than 50 grams of this type of oil a day. (See more information in the listing below in the study of Omega 3).

Another essential fatty acid is Omega 6, that also plays a very important role in the operation of the neurons and chemical transmissions and has demonstrated anti-inflammatory properties. Between rich foods in this type of acid we have avocado, walnuts, evening primrose, borage, sesame or sunflower oils. (One should not take more than 50 grams of vegetable fats per day).

Food rich in vegetable proteins for multiple sclerosis

Vegetable proteins will be used to replace the animal protein. Rich-vegetable protein foods are vegetables (beans, lentils, peas, chick-peas and, mainly soy) and cereals (wheat, oats, barley, maize, rice, etc)

Food high in Vitamin C for multiple sclerosis

Vitamin C is one of the best antioxidants. Eating foods that contain vitamin C, such as acerola, help prevent, delay or ameliorate the symptoms of this disease by reducing the negative impact that free radicals have on the neurons. (See the study of vitamin C for foods rich in vitamin C).

Food high in vitamin E for multiple sclerosis

This is another powerful antioxidant. We should eat foods rich in vitamin E to improve the symptoms of the disease or delaying its onset. Plants that have this vitamin are vegetable fats: Wheat germ oil, sunflower seeds, hazelnuts, sunflower oil, toasted almonds or olive oil.

Foods high in vitamin B12 for multiple sclerosis

There is evidence that MS patients often have quite low levels of cobalamin. Eating foods containing this vitamin may improve their status. Foods containing vitamin B12 are mainly foodstuffs of animal origin, given that the plants have little amount of this vitamin. Among the foods richest, we have clams, liver, kidneys or brain. (See more about this vitamin in the study of the plant)

Non recommended food for multiple sclerosis

  • Food high in saturated fats : One is due to avoid control of fats in the diet, avoiding saturated fats to the maximum. The best thing is to follow a diet low in fat. (We recommend eating no more than 10 grams of animal fat per day, except that provided by the oily fish to be taken every two days).
  • Cow milk : It is best to drink skimmed milk, as well as derivatives such as yogurts, custards, puddings, etc. You can replace this type of animal milk for soy milk.
  • Toxic substances : Tobacco, alcohol, coffee and exciting drinks must be eliminated of the diet. Also cocoa should be eliminated.
  • Foods that produce or can produce allergy: Foods that may be allergic to the patient should be avoided. To find out what is causing food allergy one can use the personal evaluation method. A simple way is to stop eating one food if you suspect it can cause your adverse reactions. If after a few days it disappears, you should re-introduce this food to see if it again causes the allergy. Never eat a suspected food alone, but always mixed with other foods.

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2 September, 2022

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