List of contest winners november of 2012

Winners november of 2012

Flower contest november of 2012

Contest flower of november of 2012

Weekly winners

Victoria Alonso

Jorge Santana Carrillo

Magdita Canales

Paula Mayol Alberti

Elvira Atero

Raquel Arranz Sanz

Ines Merchan Olivera

Teresa Pardo

Sara Itkin

Montse Dieguez Pérez

Doris Solar Balboa


Tusi G. Lameiro

Graciela fumarola

Araceli Diez Alonso

Dory Martin Blanco

Ruth Vázquez Cerro

Leonor Camacho Lozano

Rosa M. Culebras

Alejandra Irurzun

Luis Pereira Tapia

Carme Espinal

Stella Maris Pérez

Deyanira Duran

Sergio Lizarza Moreno

Selected winner of november of 2012

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