Common linden bark properties


Immediately after the outer bark of common linden, which is a gray, there is another whitish bark, known as sapwood. The main properties of common linden tilosapwood are:

Internal use preparations win common linden sapwood

  • Hypotension: The sapwood of common linden has hypertensive properties so it can be used to treat hypotension. (Decoction of a teaspoon of dried linden sapwood per cup of water for ¼ hour. Take a couple of cups a day) (Take 90 drops of tincture of sap per day divided into three doses. Sold at specialized drug stores)
  • Hepatic impairment: The choleretic and cholagogue properties of this bark are effective in cases of liver failure. (Take syrup or tincture preparations sold in pharmacies according to the prospectus conditions)

Toxicity and contraindications of common linden

Common linden has not major contraindications, and none of its components is toxic. It is one of the pediatric recommended solutions for nervous, hyperactive or sleeplessness children without side effects.

* More information on side effects, contraindications and hazards of common lime.

Collection and conservation of common linden

Flowers with bracts must be collected during flowering time, that usually occurs during the months of June to August. The collected material should be dried in the shade and store in airtight containers clean and well protected from the sun and moisture.

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7 February, 2022

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