Natural treatment of Alzheimer

Natural medicine for Alzheimer

Characteristics of Alzheimer

Alzheimer’s disease is the most common form of dementia, a mental illness characterized by memory loss and malfunctioning of the mind that prevents a normal life. In Alzheimer, the brain cells, especially those related to reasoning, learning and memory, degenerate.

It usually affects people over 65 years, although there is a variety that can affect people between 40 and 50 years. (Early-onset Alzheimer’s). As people get older, there is more chance of developing the disease. Thus, between 65 and 80, it affects 10% of the population. From 85 years on, half the population suffers from this disease.

It is a progressive degenerative disease that is usually fatal in a period between 8 and 15 years since its origin. For relatives of patients, this disease creates such a great dependency that it implies a huge physical and psychological strain. So, Alzheimer’s disease is often responsible for the appearance of great tensions, fatigue or depression problems in persons dealing with the sick.

Despite its severity, it needs to be diagnosed early, because, although it can not be cured, symptoms and progress can be slowed.

Symptoms of Alzheimer

Many of the symptoms may go unnoticed at first. These are generally small memory leaks that in most cases, are often attributed to natural processes of aging. As the disease progresses, symptoms become more clear. We could say that there are three degrees of Alzheimer’s disease:

Mild symptoms: The main symptoms are loss of memory, forgetting things, personality changes with occurrence of different behavior from that one shown before (irritability, nervousness, depression, fear, disinterest in favorite previous activities, the inability to continue doing some work and lack of orientation in familiar places)

Moderate symptoms : Loss of recent memory and self-awareness, inability to take care personal matters (problems with dressing, bathing, preparing meals, etc), missing of logical thread of conversation, speech problems, repetition pf the same thought, violent behavior or inability to recognize friends or family.

Severe symptoms : Loss of control of urination or defecation, incoherent speech. Total inability to fend for oneself, being completely dependent of others.

Causes of Alzheimer

It is not known exactly what causes determine the onset of Alzheimer’s disease. Initially, it was thought that the accumulation of heavy metals, such as lead, mercury and aluminum, may cause this disease. This theory is now fully discarded. Possible causes are currently studied as follows:

Lack of blood supply to brain cells

Inflammation of the brain

Blows or injuries affecting the head

Genetic mutations. They generally affect Alzheimer’s cases that appear before 60 years and that only account for 5 to 10% of the total.

Presence on chromosome 19, gene apoE4

Ingestion of too much aluminum? Through the water or utensils. This theory seems to have little effect according to recent studies.

Among the risk factors that could trigger the disease include:

Parkinson’s disease

Down syndrome


Lack of vitamin B12

Diagnosis and treatment of Alzheimer

With the emergence of symptoms that might suggest the existence of this disease, it is necessary to visit the doctor to obtain a proper diagnose. This can be done through the patient’s medical history and a series of physical examinations,

Making an autopsy is the only 100% sure diagnosis, because it can determine the physical changes in the brain. Medical diagnosis, that is usually quite long, can be only a 80 or 90% definitive to prove its existence and rule out other diseases that could produce similar symptoms .

The damaged parts of the brain of the patient can not be healed or restored. However, some medicines are able to to slow down its development or improve it symptoms.

The natural treatment of Alzheimer can help improve this condition with natural remedies.

More information about Alzheimer’s disease and its natural treatment.

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