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Eating disorders: anorexia

What is nervous anorexia?

Nervous anorexia is an eating disorder characterized by a personal desire of not ingesting foods caused by a fear to increase weight which causes food rejection. As the disease progresses, the patient experiences a true lack of hunger.

It is a problem that affects many women, mainly between the 10 and 30 years, regardless of social class and race, and less frequently in men, although the number of male anorectics is increasing every day.

Anorexia leads to a gradual deterioration of the body as a result of very high losses of body weight that can be 40% of the whole weight. This deterioration leads to a series of changes in the kidneys, hormones, the heart and the composition of the blood which can be lethal between 5-10% of cases.

Symptoms of anorexia

The person affected by anorexia may have some of the following symptoms or a combination of several of them:

– Symptoms of behavior and character: Impossibility to eat, extreme preoccupation by the diet, fear to get fat, preoccupation by constant physical exercise, necessity to eat compulsively and then vomit, eating in secret, a desire to impose on others their own food criteria, irritability, social withdrawal, inability to admit the problem personally.

– Physical symptoms: lack of menstruation, body weight loss, anemia, abdominal pain, body development of fine hair (lanugo), hair loss, tooth decay, osteoporosis, breast reduction, heart failure, arrhythmia, teeth problems, yellowish skin, growth retardation, constipation, hypotension.

Causes of anorexia

The main cause of anorexia can be:

Social: The social exigency to obtain certain standards of beauty based on thinness is the factor that drives many people to make dieting more and more stringent over time can lead to anorexia.

Psychological: The personal fear of gaining weight, often produced by the experience of a family history of obesity, negative traumatic experiences such as accidents, death of loved ones, rape or sexual problems, a reaction to an overbearing family authority, the desire to remain forever in a young stage, the need for attention, the result of being too demanding person, loss of self esteem and need to be loved by others, etc.

Physical Diseases: Sometimes some physical illnesses, such as certain digestive diseases or stroke, or mental, such as depression, are responsible for this lack of appetite.

The natural treatment of anorexia implies using some natural remedies to prevent or treat it.

More information on the anorexy and its natural treatment in the listing above.

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28 March, 2019

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