How to avoid seborrheic dermatitis



How to improve seborrheic dermatitis

There are a number of factors that can aggravate or trigger episodes of seborrheic dermatitis. Therefore, we must take into account a number of tips that can help improve conditions of people who have it.

In order to improve or avoid seborrheic dermatitis we could follow these recommendations:

Avoid stress: Stress is negative for this disease progression and may aggravate or provoke a reaction. So, you should provide yourself a relaxed environment and take appropriate measures to reduce stress. Psychological treatment would be positive in patients who are very anxious

Avoid high environmental changes: Changes in temperature or humidity can enhance or worsen its symptoms. The low humidity conditions worsen this disease. Heating in winter or air conditioning in summer dries the air. Excessive heat causes the increase of sweat that it is not desirable. Extreme temperatures, both heat and cold, worsen the symptoms.

Heating or air conditioning should be properly used. Using a humidifier can help keep the humidity higher.

Avoid frequent personal changes: Some patients may improve or deteriorate when they change their living conditions. Changing your place of living, your work, your friends, etc. can cause adverse or positive effects. We must consider this factor to apply the appropriate remedy.

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Avoid stress

Undertake a proper diet: The use of an appropriate diet for dermatitis may help improve the conditions of the affected person. It is very important either to check the foods that can cause allergies or provide foods that help to improve symptoms.

In this sense, it has been shown that foods rich in vitamin B, especially biotin, help improve this condition. Chemical analysis of patients show that in many cases there are deficiencies in certain vitamins. (More information about diet for seborrheic dermatitis in the listing above)

Dehydration: A fat and dehydrated skin is more liable to suffer its outbreaks more often. We should provide ourselves skin hydration. Internally, it can be accomplished with an adequate intake of water, fruit or vegetables juices. Externally, the application of moisturizers in the whole body is essential.

Use of appropriate cleaning products: We should restrict the use of “normal” soaps that are often too irritating. It is best to use a glycerin based soap or natural soaps with herbs. Doctors often recommend soaps or shampoos for seborrhea that can be purchased at pharmacies or health department stores.

It is important to use the proper skin creams and skin masks. We must not forget that excess of fat can be accompanied also by a lack of water in the skin.

Treat infections of the skin: The presence of other infections or skin diseases may promote the development of seborrheic dermatitis. When irritated areas produce a lot of itching, affected people feel the need to scratch, which determines that these areas can be damaged and infected.

To prevent scratching, especially when it affects children, the areas can be covered with a gauze. It is very convenient to cut your nails to avoid greater damage.

Take hormonal changes into account: The transition from one life stage to another one brings forth hormonal changes that can trigger this disease because they change the conditions of the skin.

Look for natural treatments: Natural treatments can be very useful to prevent or treat seborrheic dermatitis. At the same time, they are an alternative to conventional treatments.

More information about seborrheic dermatitis and its natural treatment.

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19 March, 2019

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