Bags under the eyes natural medicine

Dark circles under the eyes

Natural medicine for dark circles

Characteristics of bags under the eyes

Bags under the eyes are alterations in the coloring of the skin under the eyes which makes them appear darker in color than normal. They are also known as dark circles or eyes circles.

Dark circles do not pose a medical problem, but are anti esthetic anomalies that make your eyes ugly and make them appear tired or or sad.

Symptoms of bags under the eyes

The main symptoms or bags under the eyes are: Spots below the eyes, blue stains under the eyes, dark brown spots below eyes, etc.

Causes of bags under the eyes

The main causes of bags under the eyes are

Hereditary factors: In most cases dark circles are caused by hereditary causes. People who have relatives with dark circles are more likely to develop them. This type of people usually have thinner skin under their eyes than the rest. So, blood flowing under fives their skin a bluish tint.

Race: People belonging to certain races, such as the Mediterranean, develop more dark circles because they have more pigment than other races. Excess of skin pigment accumulates below the eyes and produces this kind of eye mask.

Circulatory diseases : The presence of dilated blood vessels under the eyes is one of the causes of the formation of “blue rings ” under the eyes. This phenomenon is particularly evident in the eyes because the skin in this area of the body is the thinnest of our body, so we can almost distinguish the veins beneath. This particularly affects people with thinner and whiter skin whom bags under their eyes appear bluish or greenish.

Some people also present a higher amount of melanin around their eyes (Periorbital hyperpigmentation) that result in dark bluish circles.

Age: Over the years, the dark circles become more apparent. The reason is that, the skin becomes thinner and less smooth and shows blood vessels under it more easily. Moreover, as one gets older, blood vessels are usually more dilated. Altogether, this can explain the presence of dark circles under the eyes of aged people.

Body diseases: Dark circles often appear at the same time of other bodily diseases. For example, they are very frequently observed with allergy, eczema or conjunctivitis. Itching is a common symptom of this type of disorders that can lead the affected people to scratch their itching areas.

Rubbing your eyes can irritate the sensitive skin around them and cause an accumulation of blood in this area by means blood accumulation, which produces the dark circles under our eyes.

Bags under eyes, other body disorders

such dehydration or anemia, can be responsible for them.

Hormonal changes: Special hormonal body states can contribute to more fluids retention, such as it can happen in pregnancy or during menstruation, when women are easier to suffer from dark circles.

Sun, fatigue or insomnia ? Unlike what was generally believed until recently, sunlight, tiredness or lack of sleep do not directly cause dark circles, but they can worse them, making them more visible.

The natural treatment of bags under the eyes is based on using some natural products that can prevent or improve their aspect.

More information about bags under the eyes and its natural treatment.

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3 April, 2019

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