Prevent bags under the eyes

How to prevent dark circles under the eyes



The following tips can be taken into account to prevent dark circles or to make them less visible:

Take a correct diet: Diet is crucial for the good health of one’s whole body. A proper diet is very convenient to have a good skin, since it provides it with the necessary nutrients. Vitamin A, Vitamin B, Vitamin C, zinc, calcium, phosphorous and bioflavonoids are specially required for the skin

For bags under the eyes, not just the diet may be needed to improve the skin condition of the skin surrounding the eyes but also to treat a variety of bodily abnormalities that may be responsible for an increased presence of eye bags.(More information about bags under the eyes diet in the listing above)

Try to rest and sleep properly: Although insomnia is not directly responsible for the appearance of bags under your eyes, they can contribute to make your eyes skin paler and, consequently, make your bags more visible.

You should apply the proper insomnia natural remedies to sleep well. We can offer you some available tips to sleep better.

Protect the skin under your eyes with a good sunscreen: if we expose to the sun to enjoy it or we like tanning our skin, we should do it in a rational manner, protecting ourselves with the proper sunscreen.

Avoid sun exposure during the middle of the day (11 to 15 hours): During these hours solar radiation is stronger and the negative effects of sun rays higher.

Protect the area below the eyes with brimmed hats: This way you can get less sun rays directly accessing the area around the eyes.

Do not rub the eye area with your hands even when you feel your eyes itchy : Eye rubbing is one of the main responsible factor for the appearance of dark circles as it weakens the skin around the eyes and determines that the blood vessels below the itself more visible.

Do not sunbathe if you are taking some drugs or medicines

This type of products can promote the accumulation of fluids in your body that can be reflected in your eyes. Besides, they can have some side effects for the skin.

For example, hormones for menopause and some medicines for depression have photosensitive effects, that’s to say they make our skin more sensible to sunray effects. If you expose yourself to the sun while taking these drugs you are more likely to suffer from sunburns, skin cancer or other skin diseases.

All the same can be said of some herbal remedies with similar effects. For example this is the case of herbal preparations done with Saint John’s wort (Hypericum perforatum). People taking these preparations should abstain from exposing themselves to high solar radiation.

How to avoid bags under the eyes

Use natural treatments : They will allow you to strengthen the area of skin around the eyes, improve blood circulation and prevent fatigue or eye swelling.

More information about bags under the eyes and its natural treatment.

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19 March, 2019

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