Characteristics of blisters

What are blisters?

Blisters in the feet or hands are skin vesicles filled with fluid.

Symptoms of blisters

The main symptoms or blisters are raised skin, reddening, etc.

Causes of blisters

Shoes: Inadequate shoes can be the cause of the blisters in the feet, that are normally produced by rubbing the skin against any seam that hurts. Wearing shoes without socks can cause redness that will lead, if we do not act, the appearance of a blister.

Physical activities: The works carried out with the hands on abrasive or violent surfaces produce by repetition blisters in the hands.

Diseases: Other times the blisters are the manifestations of other diseases like eczema, herpes, etc.

Burns: The contact of the skin with the fire or a very hot substance produces burns in the skin that are manifested in the form of blisters.

Stinging plants: Some plants, such as nettles, produce blisters on the skin as a reaction to their products stinging. (See more information on the subject)


In order to avoid the appearance of blisters we would have to consider the following rules:

  • Use proper footwear that will not tighten too much or too loose.
  • Protect the area of friction with a bandage or use cotton socks.
  • Protect the area of excessive rubbing a little vaseline.
  • Protect hands with thick gloves when you go to do an activity that requires a skin friction of the hands against an object.
  • Avoid skin contact with hot surfaces or stinging plants.

Natural treatment of blisters involves using a series of remedies that can prevent or improve them.

More information on the blisters and their natural treatment in the listing above.

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28 March, 2019

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