Natural treatment of bulimia

Characteristics of bulimia

Bulimia is an eating disorder characterized by a personal desire to eat compulsively followed by the need to eliminate the ingested through different procedures (vomits, fasting, continued and very hard physical activity, etc).

The base of this psychological problem focuses on the desire of not getting fat.

It is an eating disorder that primarily affects young women, especially adolescents over 20 years of age. Although not so serious as anorexia nervosa, it causes serious health disorders that can bring forth the death of the patient.

Physical disorders of bulimia

Among the most characteristic physical disorders are:

  • Digestive problems: caused primarily by continued vomiting caused. The digestive acids damage the esophagus and teeth. Even produce sores on the same fingers that patients entered into the throat to induce vomiting. Lost teeth appear plaque and yellow and more prone to decay. The face is swollen as a result of increasing salivary glands. In more severe cases can cause a hiatal hernia, perforation of the esophagus and stomach, in addition to other complications in the digestive tract.

  • Metabolic problems: with a considerable reduction of weight and loss of essential nutrients for the organism.

  • Circulatory problems: arrhythmias and other cardiac problems, caused essentially by the loss of potassium.

  • Sexual problems: Decrease of the libido with the consequent lack of sexual desire.

  • Psychological problems: Guilt, depression, low selfesteem. The patient usually is a person who lives in solitude and silences the problem. They hide it from others.

Symptoms of bulimia

The person affected by bulimia may have some of the following symptoms or a combination of several of them:

– Psychologists and behavioral symptoms: periods of great feasts that take place in an uncontrolled manner as if the person is not never enough food, eating out of control, need to go to the bathroom after eating, eating in secret at different times of the other so that no know, getting up late at night to eat, big mood swings, periods of depression, etc.

– Physical symptoms: weight loss, increased volume of the face, yellow teeth, little personal force, irregularities in the rule, and so on.

Causes of bulimia

  • Social: The same social exigency in obtaining standards of beauty based on the thinness lead to anorexia or bulimia. Many of the cases of bulimia are even produced by previous periods of anorexia. Those atmospheres or professions in which a thin body is required, such as models, for example, can be triggers for this disorder.

  • Psychological: Many cases of bulimia take place in young people who present a depressive or obsessive-compulsive character

  • Family issues: In families with much concern about dieting or physical similarity of children is where it usually give more cases of bulimia. Similarly there seems to be a genetic predisposition in families with bulimia.

  • Physical Diseases: Certain brain disorders also appear to influence in this disorder.

Diagnosis and treatment of bulimia

Given the impact that this disorder has on the patient’s overall health, it is recommended a proper diagnosis by the specialist.

The natural treatment of bulimia involves using a series of natural remedies that can help treat the disorder.

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19 March, 2019

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