Characteristics of natural antibiotics

What are natural antibiotics

 natural antibiotics
Some of the main natural antibiotics

Natural antibiotics are those remedies from the plant world that are capable of inhibiting the growth of microorganisms and help our body to eliminate them. These natural preparations may be able to prevent or cure diseases.

Advantages of antibiotic plants

thyme tea
Thyme infusion, a medicinal plant with very prominent antiseptic properties

Nature offers a range of plants with powerful antibiotic properties, which since ancient times have been considered highly disinfecting and immunostimulating remedies.

Whenever possible, it is preferable to resort to the use of natural antibiotics, rather than antibiotic medications. Natural remedies are less aggressive with the body and equal or more effective than pharmacological treatments.

Why is it better to use natural remedies than medications?

The antibiotic components of plants fight many microbes and stimulate the body’s natural defenses, without the damaging effects of antibiotic medications on gut and body health.

Natural antibiotics differ from synthetic antibiotics, that is, those chemical molecules isolated or produced in laboratories, by the following characteristics:

  • They respect the microorganisms beneficial for the organism, for example, those that are necessary in the intestinal flora. Antibiotic drugs attack healthy bacteria that live in our intestines.
  • They are safer for health: the use of medicinal plants presents a lower risk of serious adverse reactions, provided they are used properly. Medicines, on the other hand, are purer and more powerful substances, which should be used with more caution, only in specific cases.
  • Plants are a more affordable, cheaper, and easier resource to get than medicines.
  • Another great advantage of using plants as natural antibiotics is that they do not produce resistance to antibiotics, a problem that occurs due to the disproportionate use of these drugs among the population, and which is the cause of many recurrent infections.

Usefulness of natural antibiotics

Natural antibiotics are the first option to choose when flu or catarrhal infectious processes appear, characterized by headache, mucus, fluid retention and cold extremities (cold hands and feet). They can also be used preparations with antibiotic medicinal plants when digestive infections (gastroenteritis, diarrhea, …), genitourinary diseases or skin diseases appear.

The use of these natural medicines is respectful with the body and with the skin (in the case of external use), and stimulates the fight of our immune system against infection. For all these reasons, it can be concluded that, for the majority of infectious processes, those prepared with plants are an excellent option.

When should antibiotic medications be used?

echinacea photo
Echinacea, a showy flowering plant that works by stimulating the immune system.

Despite the great advantages of phytotherapy, there are certain microbes that require the use of medicines, either because they are difficult to eradicate with natural medicines, or because they are capable of causing serious diseases, and therefore we must act quickly. Other times there are situations that require it, such as the case of vulnerable people, whose immune system cannot cope with infections.

When in doubt, it is always a good idea to consult a doctor. Some guidelines that warn of the need to see a doctor are:

  • Children, pregnant women, people taking medications
  • High fever of more than 38ºC
  • Pain, discomfort, or low-grade fever that does not improve or worsens for more than 2-3 days
  • Painful intestinal cramps, diarrhea of ​​more than 3 days
  • People that have been in contact with a pathogen in the last month (for example, a trip to a foreign country)
  • Cough that becomes chronic (especially in children)
  • Infected, foul-smelling wounds with pus or discharge

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23 March, 2020

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