Diabetes symptoms

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How do I know if I have diabetes?

What are the main symptoms of diabetes?

diabetes Among the main symptoms and clinical manifestations that may indicate this pathology, we have the following:

  • Increased urination (polyuria): The person feels the need to be urinating continuously. This happens when the blood sugar is very high (180 mg./100 ml.) And the kidney is not able to reabsorb such amount of glucose. To eliminate glucose, a lot of water is necessary, which considerably increases the amount of urine. People with diabetes mellitus can urinate 3-4 or up to 6 liters daily.
  • Very thirsty (polydipsis): As a consequence of the dehydration caused by the loss of liquid through the urine. The amount of liquid the person will need to drink will be proportional to the intensity of the above symptoms.
  • Being very hungry (polyphagia): Because the body cannot take advantage of the sugar that is in the blood. Insulin, which ensures that cells can use glucose for energy, does not function properly. This causes a feeling of tiredness and hunger. The body asks for food because it needs energy, although eating more than normal is not a solution, since the real problem is the ineffectiveness of insulin. People with diabetes who are very hungry should consult the doctor and the nutritionist if they continue correct insulin and diet guidelines.
  • Weight loss for no apparent reason: Weight loss is due to the fact that the body, unable to use glucose, searches for other sources of energy such as proteins and fats. In addition to fluid loss, this causes considerable weight loss. These symptoms are more visible in type 1 diabetes or childhood diabetes. The risk of this weight loss is that metabolism is altered. The person can lose muscle mass, which accentuates the feeling of fatigue, asthenia and tiredness. When a diabetic person begins to lose weight, eating normal or even excessive amounts of food, they should go to the medical control since they are probably unbalanced.
  • Fatigue: It is a consequence of the previous symptom. People with these symptoms should review their medication and diet. Walking 1 hour a day can help them regain muscle so they feel less tired. Brewer’s yeast is a protein, mineral and vitamin B supplement that can help treat decay.
  • Itchy skin: It is caused by the accumulation of glucose in this tissue. This favors the appearance of skin infections, such as boils, fungi, etc. These conditions can be accentuated in the genital area, producing urinary infections. Recurrent yeast infections occur in women and balanitis in men. Sitz baths with rosemary or thyme can help treat these problems. Most skin problems are caused by fungal and bacterial infections. Over the years dry skin or slow healing may appear.
  • That minor wounds and cuts take time to heal: As a consequence of the accumulation of glucose in the skin.
  • Growth retardation: This can happen in diabetic children. Insulin is involved in the action of growth hormone. Its deficit can prevent it from acting properly.
  • Dry mouth (xerostomia): Produced by excess glucose in saliva. People with diabetes must take care of oral hygiene since they are at greater risk of diseases such as gingivitis or dental caries.
What will the doctor do?

The doctor will make a diagnosis and recommend a suitable diet and medication according to the person.

Medical supervision is essential for diabetes.

To improve the effectiveness of the treatment, there are plants, nutritional supplements, foods and factors such as smoking cessation.These allow to improve the effectiveness of medical treatment and help prevent future complications.

How to prevent the damage caused by diabetes?

People with these problems can take healthy foods, within a dietary regimen formulated by a doctor or a nutritionist, to help them prevent the complications of this disease ….

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17 June, 2020

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