Eye diseases natural treatment


Causes of eye diseases

Our eyes are very delicate organs that require constant care to keep them in good health. The main causes that determine eye diseases are:

Body diseases: Apart from the diseases of the eyes, the body has a lot diseases that reflect themselves in the health of the eyes. Among the many diseases that can affect the eyes include the following: metabolic diseases – diabetes, obesity, etc.-, digestive diseases, disorders of the liver, stomach diseases, infections, circulatory problems, kidney disorders, allergic reactions, etc.

Emotional disorders: nervous or emotional problems, such as depression or stress, manifest themselves in the eyes.

Bad habits: Sometimes the eyes suffer the results of negative habits of conduct, such as:

– Excessive reading in low light

– Activities that require excessive concentration on the same point and at the same distance (for example, fixing your sight on a screen for long time)

– Working under artificial light, away from natural light or nor sunlight arriving to one’s eyes.

Inadequate eye resting: Resting your eyes and sleeping are vital to good eye health. When you can not sleep the eyes may appear tired or red.

Inadequate environmental situations: Working in an environment full of smoke, dust, pollutants, strong light contrasts, chlorine in swimming pools, etc. can cause aggression to your eyes, being the cause of many cases of conjunctivitis.

Inadequate food: A poor diet can lead to poor eye health. It has been proved that thiamin (Vitamin B1) deficiency may be responsible for hypermetropia, myopia or presbyopia. This vitamin appears to be necessary to keep eyes muscles in good state. Not being so, they are not able to provide accommodation view. Night blindness, for example, can be produced by a deficiency of vitamin A. (More information about eyes diet in the listing above)

Free Radicals: A poor diet, aggressive environmental conditions and oxidation of the body itself are the main causes of the appearance of free radicals, to which the vision is one of the most sensitive organs and the most affected. Many cases of retinal detachment or retinal degeneration could be explained in this way.

Eye diseases prevention

In most cases, eyes diseases are degenerative processes that appear as time passes. Old people are much more likely to suffer eyes diseases than younger ones. This is particularly true in some eye diseases, such as presbyopia, an eye disorder that affects most people older that 40 or 50.

Eyes diseases also depend from other unavoidable factors such as genetics and race. For example, Asian people show a greater ratio of myopic people than other races.

In spite of this, a correct eye prevention can help prevent or delay the onset of many eye diseases. (More information about prevention of eyes diseases in the listing above)

Eye diseases diagnoses and treatment

Any eye problem requires a visit to a specialist who will provide you a diagnosis about it. This is especially needed for retinal detachment or for glaucoma whose appropriate and quick treatment is required to avoid the visual loss in the affected eye.

The natural treatment of eye diseases involves the use of a series of techniques that help improve the state of your eyes, are able to prevent or to delay them.

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19 March, 2019

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