Heat stroke prevention

How to prevent a heat stroke

Tips to avoid heat stroke or sun stroke

glass of water
Drinking a lot of water is necessary when there is a danger of suffering a heat stroke.

To prevent having a heat stroke and its consequences, you should have to take into account the following tips:

Drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration and to compensate for water lost through sweating

It is very advisable to drink at least a couple of liters a day. (More on how much water you should drink) When hard work and very strong and heavy sweating is unavoidable, it may be advisable to add some salt to the water, unless you have high blood pressure problems.

Avoid exercising during the hottest hours

It is more convenient to do so in the morning or afternoon. Old people should stay at their home during the scorching hours.

Dress in light clothes to cool yourself and protect your head properly

couple with light clothes
Wearing light clothes will help prevent a heat stroke.

It is advisable to wear thin cotton clothes. Acrylic ones do not help you to perspire too well and retain heat. It is best to use light clothing because its reflects the sunrays, rather than wearing absorbing dark clothes.

It is desirable to protect your head with a straw hat or a cap. Our head contains many capillaries that absorb heat quickly. If the heat is very strong, a damp cloth may be placed between your head and your hat.

People suffering from baldness should wear a hat if they expose themselves to the sun.

It is not convenient to remove your shirt, if you feel hot and you are in the sun. Your shirt can retain moisture that disappears if you take your clothes off.

Eat light meals and do not drinking alcohol or stimulants

Coffee is not recommended to combat body heat because it makes us lose water.

You should avoid high-fat food as it provides too many calories and raises your body temperature. Nor is it desirable to take hot meals to provide more heat to the body. It is best to feed yourself on raw natural plant foods (salads, fruits or vegetables)

Avoid alcoholic beverages because they contain lots of calories and increase your body temperature. Caffeinated drinks stimulate the body and promote water loss.

Take a break from time to time if you are doing hard physical work or exercise

Stop working for a few minutes and let yourself to cool in the shade. Take a rest and drink some water from time to time for the body to regain its temperature and adequate hydration.

If you feel dizzy, stop working or exercising. You should never do hard sports or hiking alone in very hot days. It is desirable to do so, at least in pairs so that one of you can help the other if necessary.

Gradually acclimate yourself to the heat

It is important for your body to have time enough to adjust to the heat. In case of sudden temperature changes, very often predicted by the weathermen, you should not expose yourself to too much sun during the first hot days.

It is best to do it gradually and during the fresher hours. Neither is appropriate to move from a closed fresh air conditioned area to a highly sun-exposed place.

Take some natural remedies to increase hydration, promote sweating and cool your body

Some herbal remedies can easily help yourself to overcome a heat weave.

punto rojo More information on too heat remedies

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26 August, 2020

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