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Tips to avoid hemorrhoids

To prevent or reduce piles we would have to take into account the following tips:

– Controlling constipation: Constipation is one of the main causes that cause or worsen hemorrhoids. Many hemorrhoids are caused as a result of the pressure they are subjected to when defecating, which causes swelling of the anal veins. Moreover, the passage of hard stool by the anal sphincter can irritate hemorrhoids worsening the problem.

If we avoid constipation, we will avoid part of the problem. (For more information on the natural treatment of constipation) In addition to preventing constipation, we could use anal lubricants to diminish anus skin friction.

Food Control: Proper nutrition is very important in preventing hemorrhoids or prevent their deterioration. improper diet is responsible for painful hemorrhoids, since it can produce constipation. ( More information about hemorrhoids diet in the listing above)

Increase moderate physical activities: Physical inactivity is a major cause for the occurrence of hemorrhoids. We must also avoid sitting for long hours, or we must not perform those kind of activities that require us to remain standing for a long time.

Both of these inadequate habits facilitate the accumulation of blood in the lower part of the body, consequently developing hemorrhoids or worsen them.

Performing moderate exercise, adequate to the possibilities of each individual, helps improve circulation by returning blood accumulated in the lower extremities. The best thing to do for most people is to make a good walk every day or a bit of swimming.

Avoid too hard physical activities: Certain physical activities implying strong effort to the lower extremities can also cause swelling of the anal veins. You should not lift too heavy objects when you have hemorrhoids or you are prone to develop them. It is not convenient to perform certain physical activities such as cycling or riding either,because they put too much pressure on the anus.

Enter external hemorrhoids: hemorrhoids sometimes move outwards from the rectum. This can lead to their worsening . It is desirable to introduce them back into the anus by means of doing a little pressure on them.

Maintain an adequate cleaning of the anal area: The anal area should be cleaned well to prevent infection. When cleaning we have to keep in mind not to use too harsh or irritating toilet paper . Many perfumed papers contain chemicals that are not suitable for the person who has hemorrhoids.

Avoid obesity: Obesity causes increased pressure in the lower body which affects the onset or worsening of the problem. By reducing weight, we will relieve pressure and help prevent or improve hemorrhoids. (See more about the natural treatment of obesity)

Do not scratch the anal area: By scratching hemorrhoids, although you may feel relieved momentarily, you can cause worse injuries in the veins of the anus, that are specially sensitive because of hemorrhoids. You should never scratch your hemorrhoids, even though they itch a lot.

Do not insert objects into the anus: Anus penetration with external objects can cause damage to the anal muscles. When some penetration is needed, the anus must be properly lubricated.

Check hemorrhoids during pregnancy: The pressure of the matrix on the anal veins, prevents a proper blood flow on this area. That is why pregnant women are more prone to hemorrhoids. To avoid this problem pregnant women should lie on the left side of their body every 4 to 6 hours. This will lower pressure of the vein that affects hemorrhoids and help prevent them or reduce their swelling.

How to decrease the pain of hemorrhoids, remove the itching and reduce swelling?

To reduce the pain of hemorrhoids we can choose the following procedure:

1) Take a hip bath: Pour from 6 to 8 fingers of warm water in the bath (water should be neither cold nor too hot. Do not add any product to the water). Sit down in the bath for 10 or 30 minutes. Repeat the process several times a day until you feel more comfortable.

2) Apply some hemorrhoids relief cream: To remove itching, we can use some cream. There are very good products which can be bought in pharmacies or herbalists. If you prefer, you can use some natural ointment. (More information about remedies for hemorrhoids in the listing above)

3) Apply ice . – In case of very swollen hemorrhoids, you can apply some ice on the zone. Put some ice into a clean cloth and apply it on the affected area.

4) Use a special cushion: To sit down during the day, we can use a special cushion that leaves the anus free. It can be bought in pharmacies

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19 March, 2019

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