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Natural cancer treatment More information.

Food against cancer


Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) happens because the area of the carpal bones or carpal tunnel (wrist bones) becomes inflamed. More information.

Carpal tunnel syndrome cure

Remedies for carpal tunnel syndrome

Diet for carpal tunnel syndrome


Dental caries or tooth decay is characterized by dental cavities or holes that, if not treated properly, they will cause the destruction of the teeth. More information.

Natural treatment of caries

Caries diet


The heart is the engine that drives the blood into the body. It is an extremely vital and necessary organ for the body so the diseases affecting it are really serious. These conditions are especially abundant in the rich and industrialized countries where a quarter of all deaths are attributable to cardiovascular problems. More information


A cataract is an eye disease characterized by a loss of eyesight due to a lack of transparency of the crystalline lens. It is a vision problem that affects 75% of persons aged 70 years and can affect both an eye or both of them, equally or differently in each one. More information.

Prevention of cataracts

Remedies for cataracts

Diet for cataracts

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