How to prevent hypotension


Home tips to treat hypotension

Hypotension treatment for non severe cases can be based on non-pharmacologic home plant treatments (See “Natural treatment of hypotension” on the listing above).

There are other natural resources, such as lying on the back and raising your feet, that can be very effective

The main interesting tips to deal with hypotension are:

Avoid standing still for a long time

Standing still for a long time without changing your posture leads to a higher accumulation of blood in the lower part of the body. This can cause hypotension.

Some people should avoid standing quiet for a long time.

If this is not possible, one should change body posture to ease blood circulation. For example, one could lean their weight on one leg and then change to the other. If you are going to stand a cue for a long time you can flex your legs or you can cross one of your legs from time to time. This body postures can prevent hypotension.

Do not stand up so quick

Standing up quickly can produce temporary sickness or disturbing feeling as a consequence of too much blood being driven to the legs. Getting up slowly after sitting or lying down can help body to adapt.

Some physical activities can raise blood pressure to compensate its fall when people stand up.

Doing certain physical easy efforts before getting up can prevent hypotension. For example, pressing and object strongly, or pressing your hands together.

Mental exercises also raise blood pressure, so a single mental calculation before standing up could also be very helpful.

Avoid to hot atmospheres

Too hot weather can predispose to hypotension. People with low blood pressure symptoms should avoid too hot places.

Some activities are not recommended such as taking saunas, too hot baths or showers, lying in too hot beaches or remaining in closed warm crowded places.

Taking short cooler baths or showers is better, or remaining in cool places in hot summers.

Eating and hypotension

Some people experience hypotension after meals. In this case it is very convenient to perform more frequent and lighter meals.

Adding salt to your meals and increasing fluid intake can avoid or improve hypotension. (More information about Diet for hypertension in the listing above)

Use home sitting techniques:

Some home techniques can be very efficient to make blood flow back to the body from the legs when standing up or from the digestive apparatus when making digestion. All of them are based on using the leg and stomachs muscles to pump blood up again. For example:

– Sitting on a low chair.

– Putting your feet on a foot rest when sitting.

– Putting one of your feet on a chair or food rest when standing.

– Crouching.

– Bending your body forward.

Compression stockings for hypotension

This type of stockings is a very effective means to raise blood pressure on the legs. They are also useful for people who have swollen varicose veins because of working too many hours sitting or standing.

Raising the leg positions in bed may also be desirable for hypotension

To do this you can use a special articulated bed or just elevate your bed at the feet a little.

Another very suitable and practical way to activate blood flow is lying on the floor with your legs facing a wall. Raise your legs and support them placing your feet on the wall for several minutes. keep your legs in a higher position that your body.

In case of heart or respiratory problems it is best to consult your doctor before doing these suggested tips.

Hypotension and physical exercise

Physical exercise can help improve symptoms of hypotension. However it must be done progressively and carefully in order to prevent fainting.

Among the more convenient exercises we have walking, stretching, Tai Chi or yoga

Remember that a warming period is necessary before starting them and they should not be done with too hot atmospheres, because hot can worsen hypotension.

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