Characteristics of lack of appetite

What is lack of appetite?

Lack of appetite or poor appetite is the lack of desire to eat more food.

What is the reason of lack of appetite?

Lack of appetite is determined by the brain because of a lack of stimulation of hunger that may affect a part of the brain known as the “hunger center”

Lack of appetite is mainly produced because the body does not need to eat more food to meet its nutritional needs.

In addition, there are a some diseases or situations that make you lose your appetiter

Factors that decrease appetite

Appetite can decrease because of the following factors:

old people

As people get older, they usually lose their appetite

Consequences of lack of appetite

Lack of appetite for a short time usually does not present any remarkable result. The main consequence is a decrease in weight because of we are consuming stored fat

However, prolonged lack of appetite can produce a nutrient deficiency that leads to a state of malnutrition with more or less serious damage to health.

When to see a doctor because of lack of appetite?

Lack of appetite for a few days does not usually require medical intervention. It is necessary to seek medical assistance in case of significant weight loss or if there are any of these circumstances:

Diagnosis of poor appetite

Only your doctor or specialist will determine the causes of your poor appetite through a personal interview by means of carrying out a questionnaire on your dietary patterns and your physical and psychological status.

To diagnose a physical problem that could be causing the lack of appetite, the doctor may wish to carry out a series of tests, including blood tests, scans or colonoscopy, specific tests on the liver, kidney, thyroid, etc.

Natural treatment of poor appetite

The natural treatment of poor appetite is based on using some natural remedies to increase your appetite. Among them we have:

– Medicinal plant remedies to whet your appetite

– Suitable diet to make your food more desired and nutritive

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1 July, 2019

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