Characteristics of bad circulation in the legs

What is poor circulation in the legs?

Poor circulation in the legs is a circulatory problem due to lack of blood flow in the legs.

Blood is retained in the lower limbs causing pain, heaviness or other symptoms that make the person who suffers it diminish their quality of life.

Symptoms of poor circulation in the legs

Among the main symptoms of lack of circulation in the legs we can mention the following:

  • Less serious symptoms that may indicate poor circulation in the legs: Heaviness in the legs, heaviness in the feet, pain, punctures, cold legs, cramps, loss of beauty, wounds that do not heal, etc.
  • More serious symptoms that show that we have serious circulatory problems in the legs: ulcers or sores in the legs, varicose veins, difficulty in movement, very painful cramps.
  • Very serious symptoms: purple legs, phlebitis, intermittent claudication (This disease consists of a narrowing of the arteries of the legs that makes the blood circulation is poor, that arrives little oxygen to the muscles and, therefore, pain appears in the legs after an exercise or walk of little effort. In worse cases, infections in the bone or gangrene.

Causes of poor circulation in the legs

The main problem that leads to poor circulation in the legs is the tightening and obstruction of blood vessels by the accumulation of plaques of fats and minerals.

It is what is known as atherosclerosis, which is responsible not only for poor circulation in the legs but for poor circulation in general.

mala circulación en las piernas

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Factors that worsen circulation

There are a number of factors that can aid in the formation or worsening of poor circulation in the legs such as:

  • Diseases: Obesity, diabetes, cholesterol.
  • Sedentarism: Lack of exercise, in addition to contributing to the development of previous diseases, weakens the muscles of blood vessels and makes poor circulation in the legs. Being seated for many hours in front of the computer or television involves a stagnation of the blood in the lower extremities that can favor the appearance of bad circulation in the legs.
  • Standing for many hours: When a person for work reasons must stand for many hours, the blood does not circulate well in the legs and symptoms of poor circulation in the lower limbs appear , such as heavy legs, varicose veins, etc.
  • Diet: An inadequate diet, with a lot of saturated fat, and lack of natural plant foods causes the obstruction of the blood vessels and leads to the development of many diseases that favor poor circulation in the legs.
  • Smoking and caffeine: Nicotine is a vasoconstrictor ie it decreases the thickness of arteries and coronary vessels, increases heart rate and blood pressure. Caffeine, although vasodilator, favors hypertension and arrhythmias.
  • Certain medicines that tighten blood vessels and make circulation difficult.
  • Cold weather : Cold constricts the blood vessels.
  • Stress: Stress keeps the blood vessels constricted for too long so it can impair circulation. It has been proven that by reducing stress, circulation improves.

Tips and treatment for poor circulation in the legs

mala circulación en las piernas

Walking is very appropiate to improve circulation in the legs

To avoid poor circulation in the legs we should consider a number of tips:

  • Perform regular exercise: practicing a sport in general and, mainly, walking, running, climbing stairs, or cycling helps keep the circulation of the legs in good condition.
  • Alternate periods of work on foot with those of sitting and those of sitting with those of foot: This way it is possible to avoid that the blood is stagnated and the inferior members rest.People who work long hours sitting in front of a computer, a cash register or a work table should take a break from time to time, get up and walk a little. Unlike them, people who are many hours on their feet, should take a break from time to time.

For poor circulation in the legs it is appropriate to sit or lie with your feet taller than the head for a while. This facilitates the return of blood and improves circulation.

  • Wear appropriate clothing and shoes: Try to wear loose clothing that does not tighten too much around the waist or legs. Be careful that the rubber of the socks do not press too much, which can stop the normal blood flow. Shoes should be comfortable to allow a good blood flow to the feet.Compressive socks can help improve circulation of the legs or feet in people who are standing for many hours.

Natural treatment for bad circulation in the legs

The natural treatment for bad circulation in the legs is based on a series of natural remedies that can improve or prevent circulatory problems in the legs. They are mainly:

– Medicinal plant remedies for bad circulation in the legs

– Suitable plant-based diet to improve blood circulation

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