Macular degeneration prevention


Tips to avoid macular defeneration

There are a number of techniques or remedies that can help improve the health of your eyes and prevent macular degeneration onset or its progression.

We could take into account the following:

Change your reading habits: This is one of the best options to prevent the onset of visual problems. The following guidelines may be helpful in this sense:

– Always read in places with good light and, if possible, with natural light. (Fluorescent light should always be avoided, since it produces light vibration that can strain your eyes)

– Stop reading occasionally to permit your eyes rest. Look at other points farther than the distance to the paper.

– When working on a screen, also try to rest from time to time, doing focusing near-far eye exercises.

– Avoid eyestrain. Do not read text with too small letters.

– Do not read on the move, for example when traveling.

– Keep your head in a good position, looked straight ahead, never read or watch a screen from one side.

Avoid looking directly at the sun

Direct sun rays can harm your eyes. You should neither allow reflected sunrays directly affect your eyes, such as those coming from water at the beach, a glass or some metallic surface. Use adequate sunglasses to protect your eyes from too much blue light.

Use sunglasses with the adequate blue light protection factor. Direct sunrays can damage your retina. This has to be particularly taken into account in summer when sun rays are stronger and especially when being at the beach where water and sand reflect the sun with greater intensity.

You must be even more careful if you are at the mountains where solar radiation is higher, especially with the presence of snow. You should never look at the sun directly even if wearing sunglasses.

Perform daily outdoor walks or recreation activities in the open air in order your eyes to come into contact with sunlight

The previous tip does not imply that we should avoid sunlight on our eyes. Sunlight is necessary for the proper functioning of your sight. Therefore, carrying out daily walks or outdoor recreation is highly recommended.

However, you should always keep in mind that you should not overexpose your eyes to sunlight and you should avoid sunrays directly or indirectly reaching our eyes. Protect them properly with adequate sunglasses.

Avoid stress and perform relaxation techniques

Stress is almost always reflected on your eyes. Try to avoid being stressed. You should also try to relax your eyes. A well-known technique used to relax the eye muscles can be described as follows:

– Without closing your eyes, cover them well with your hands.

– Place your palms well over your eyes until you do not see any light. Close your eyes for some seconds.

– With your eyes covered, wide open your eyes, look forward while you go on blinking.

– Continue this exercise for three minutes. Then, close your eyes, remove your palms and open them well without looking directly at a bright light source.

Do not use eye drops without physician’s consent. Its use without medical supervision can be damaging to eye health.

Maintain a proper diet: This diet will get you rid off free radicals that can oxidize your eyes. It has to be rich in natural foods, containing vitamins (especially vitamin A, vitamin B and Vitamin C) minerals (zinc, calcium and magnesium) and carotenoids (especially lutein and zeaxanthin).

Do not eat much animal fat. (More information about macular degeneration diet in the listing above)

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Carrots are rich in vitamin A

Avoid toxins, such as alcohol or tobacco.

Improve the blood supply to the eyes: This is a remedy that can be done wetting your eyes 20 times alternately with hot and cold water.

Relax and nourish your eyes with natural remedies. Some herbal remedies, vitamins, minerals or other supplements can be useful for your eyes.

punto rojo More information about macular degeneration and its natural treatment.

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19 March, 2019

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