Characteristics for metrorrhagia

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What is metrorrhagia?

Metrorrhagia consistists in bleeding that takes place in periods outside the menstruation (vaginal hemorrhage in periods that do not correspond the menstruation).

Types of metrorrhagia

There are two types of metrorrhagia:

  • Functional metrorrhagia: It is the one that occurs during the first periods or before the menopause (premenopause) occurs. In one period or another, menses do not follow a normal rhythm, producing bleeding out of time. The reason for this is due to the profound hormonal changes that occur in these two phases of women and that alter menstruation cycles.
  • Organic metrorrhagia: When bleeding out of time occurs in times of women that do not coincide with premenopause or the first menstruation. This type of metrorrhagia is a consequence of abnormalities of the female sexual apparatus, such as the presence of fibroids, tumors, extrauterine pregnancies, etc.

Causes of metrorrhagia

The main causes of metrorrhagia are:

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6 July, 2020

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