Myopia prevention advice

How to prevent myopia?

Avoid using your mobile phone or tablet for too long

Although myopia is a disorder impossible to prevent, many experts recommend a series of tips that can help slow or stop its development.

Among them, we could mention the following:

Avoid stress or eyestrain and make relaxation techniques:

Stress seems to play and important part in the development of myopia. Stress remedies and relaxation techniques could be very useful: Yoga, Bathes method, massages, breathing exercises, relaxation tapes can serve in this sense.

Avoid to much indoor work or entertainment

Much activity indoors predisposes your eyes to focus near objects. This can weaken the ciliary muscles so as they are not able to accommodate your sight to longer focusing. Ciliary muscles are in charge of providing sight accommodation in order we can see well objects placed in different distances and regulating the aqueous humor into the Schlemm’s canal.

Besides, being indoors can not provide enough sunlight to our eyes. Sunlight is necessary to maintain our vision healthy.

Expose your eyes to daylight

There are some studies that have concluded that daylight can be very profitable to stop myopia. It seems that daylight can diminish the growth of the eye ball.

Take a walk outdoors

Walking or playing outdoors seems to have an important role in preventing myopia, because of a highest exposition to sunlight and eyes accommodation to longer distances.

Reduce the near work, or at least avoid prolonged periods of short-distance approach

It is appropriate to make pauses now and then, while reading, computer working or performing any task that involves looking at something at close range.

Use good lighting at work or appropriate lenses to avoid eye strain.

Maintain a proper diet

Rich in natural foods, especially in vitamin A, Vitamin B and Vitamin C and minerals (zinc, calcium, magnesium and phosphorous). Avoid toxins, as alcohol or tobacco. This diet has antioxidant properties and helps eliminate free radicals that can harm your eyes health. It can have an important role in keeping the ciliary muscles in good condition. (More information about Myopia diet in the listing above)

Dieta variada

Use natural remedies, to relax and reinforce your eyes.

punto rojoMore information about myopia and its natural treatment.

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