Black nails characteristics

What are black or purple nails?

Sometimes nails present unusual colors. Black or purple nails are those that exhibit this color usually as a result of a blow.

Fingernails often indicate a poor blood circulation. Pale nails also tend to indicate a circulatory problem or anemia. Very red nails often indicate a problem of hypertension.

Symptoms of black, purple, pale or very red nails

Dark or black nails, purple, bluish, pale, discolored, very red, etc.

The main causes that lead to the formation of rare colored nails are:

Nail injuries: Pounding of nails against objects can damage them, making them appear dark, black, purple or bluish.

Poor blood circulation: A poor circulation to the nails will make them present a bluish appearance. Similarly, hypertension causes sometimes a very red color on the nails.

Body Problems: Certain diseases such as anemia, may produce pale nails

Prevention of black, purple, pale or very red nails

To prevent nails becoming badly-colored we should have to take into account the following prevention tips:

Prevent hitting your nails, especially if your nails are long. Use protective gloves if you have to perform some risky activity.

Take care of your diet, using natural foods that provide proteins, vitamins and minerals suitable for good health of your nails. They can fortify your nails making them more resistant to possible traumas.

Carry out a medical checkup to determine which are the real causes of discoloration of the nails. Sometimes strange coloration is a symptom of some body disease.

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3 April, 2019

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