Characteristics of pernicious anemia or iron deficiency anemia

What is pernicious anemia?

Pernicious anemia or anemia by bad absorption of vitamin B12 is a type of anemia that occurs because the body lacks the necessary element to produce the absorption of B12 vitamin or cobalamin.

This component allows you to absorb this vitamin is called intrinsic factor, a protein produced by cells of the stomach. Since cobalamin is necessary for the absorption of iron, its absence leads to anemia.

This type of anemia is quite common in people over 60 and does not usually appear before age 30. It is a disease that responds well to treatment.

Symptoms of pernicious anemia

Between the main symptoms of the pernicious anemia we have:

– Continued Fatigue.

– Fatigue with little effort.

– Problems in the breathing.

– Loss of appetite

– Pale and haggard appearance

– Sensation of lack of sanguineous circulation in the fingers and feet.


– Headache

– Lack of concentration or memory loss.

– Etc.

Causes of pernicious anemia

Poor absorption of vitamin B12 is the reason why this type of anemia is produced. Among the factors that can cause this problem are:

– Lack of intrinsic factor: What can occur as a result of inheritance or as a result of gastric cell injury as occurs after prolonged periods of heartburn or stomach operations.

– Low level of intrinsic factor: Caused by problems of gastric mucosa atrophy or autoimmune response against gastric cells or against its own intrinsic factor.


– Low intake of vitamin B12 foods.

– Poor absorption of vitamin B12

Diagnosis and treatment of pernicious anemia

When one notices symptoms that may suggest the existence of anemia, it is necessary to visit a doctor who will diagnose the possible existence of this disease. Blood tests will help determine the diagnosis.

The high-priority objective of the treatment supposes the elimination of the causes that originate the problem.


For the treatment of the anemia, natural remedies can be used as an aid to the treatment offered by the doctor. The convenience of using the following resources should be consulted:

– The use of medicinal plants that can stimulate the body’s production of iron.

– The adoption of a suitable diet to restore adequate iron levels.

– The use of appropriate complements

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20 March, 2019

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