Presbyopia natural treatment


¿What is presbyopia?

Presbyopia is an eye disorder characterized by a great difficulty focusing on close objects.

It is a very common type of disorder as people’s age increases. From 40 or 45 years on, some people realize that they find very difficult to focus near objects.

Thus, when reading, for example, they have to keep the text at a greater distance than the usual one. Keeping what would be a “normal” distance makes them see the letters blurred.

Whom does presbyotia affect to?

Although it can occur in people with vision problems such as myopia or hypermetropia, it is a type of disorder that usually occurs before and has a worse evolution in hypermetropic people.

Besides, they usually increase their presbyopia greater than myopic people as time passes.

In fact, many people with myopia can read well without glasses or contact lenses even though they have got presbyopia.

Symptoms of presbyotia

The main symptoms of presbyotia are the following:

– Problems seeing close up,

– Blurred vision of near objects

– Problems reading closely especially in low light


– Eye irritation or pain,

– Etc.

Causes of presbyopia

Presbyopia is caused mainly by the inability of the lens to focus light rays onto the retina. This is due to two main causes.

A degeneration of the ciliary muscles which are the muscles that allow you to vary the thickness of the lens. Normally this variation in thickness accomplishes what is known as “accommodation facility” enabling the light beam comes to focus on the retina. A weak ciliary muscle fails to give the required power to the lens so you can focus on nearby objects. The affected person then has a blurred vision.

A loss of flexibility of the lens, necessary for the eye to properly focus on close objects.

Some factors can can influence in the onset of presbyopia such as inheritance, an inappropriate diet,, continuous work a short distance, eye strain or stress.

Diagnosis and treatment of presbyopia

An eye problem first requires a visit to the ophthalmologist, who, by appropriate examinations, will make a proper diagnose and treatment.

Presbyopia is solved with the use of glasses or contact lenses. The patient may also opt for surgery – Laser Blended Vision, implantation of accommodative intraocular lenses (IOLs) PresbyLASIK, etc) This allows a better seeing without using glasses or contact lenses. Myopic people are not advised to undertake eye surgery over 40 not to be obliged to use glasses for reading.

The natural treatment of presbyopia is based of using a series of remedies that can help delay the onset of the disorder or to improve its evolution.

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19 March, 2019

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