Restless Legs Syndrome characteristics

What is restless legs syndrome?

Restless legs syndrome ( Ekborn’s syndrome) it is an unpleasant sensation in the legs that forces us to move them to feel better.

Usually this sensation takes place in the lower leg, between the knee and ankle, but it can also affect the top and arms. Sometimes it affects both sides of the body, others only one.

It has to be distinguished from Periodic Limb Movement Disorder (nocturnal myoclonus), another sleep disorder, that only happens at night and it is involuntary. People are forced to move their legs unconsciously and this movements can also affect their sleep.

It is a type of disorder that primarily appears in people over 60, but may also occur at any age. It is believed that 5% of the population can suffer it. It can occur at night and during the day and it is considered a sleep disorder.

Consequences of restless legs syndrome

These unpleasant sensations in the legs may happen during the day, especially when the affected person sits down to rest. Therefore he can not be calm because it has an urgent need to get up and stretch. It’s a feeling that, while not painful, it is tremendously annoying.

At night, affected individuals have trouble falling asleep since they have to move their legs every 20 to 40 seconds, what prevents them from sleeping. Consequently, sleepiness problems arise the next day.

Restless legs syndrome can be considered recurrent with certain periods in which it seems to disappear completely

Symptoms of restless legs syndrome

The main symptoms of restless legs syndrome are:

– Need to move the legs when resting.

– Discomfort in the legs during sleep.

– Tingling in the legs.

– Inability to sleep because of the movements of the legs.

– Feeling or discomfort in the arms or legs while sitting.

– Discomfort in the legs on long journeys.

– Discomfort in the legs while sitting in the cinema or theater.

– Need to walk or get up after a while of sitting.

Causes of Restless Legs Syndrome

No one knows exactly what are the reasons that cause this disorder. There are however a number of anomalies that seem to predispose to its occurrence:

Deficiencies in vitamins or minerals.

Anemia. It has been found that people with low iron levels are most like to suffer it. By increasing levels of iron, body condition improves.

Pregnancy. Especially during the third quarter. Within a month after delivery, the woman returns to the normal situation.

Renal failure.


Age: Although some symptoms in young people may be related with the existence of this disorder, it usually occurs in older people.

Diagnosis of Restless Legs Syndrome

In the presence of signs that may indicate the existence of this disorder, it is necessary to conduct a study to determine its existence. It is necessary to rule out other anomalies that have similar symptoms. Among all we could mention, for example:

– Intermittent claudication, a vascular disease caused by poor arterial circulation causing pain in the legs.

Parkinson’s disease

– Kidney disease.


– Neurological diseases.

Conventional treatment usually focuses on the administration of sedatives or narcotics.

The natural treatment of Restless Legs Syndrome is aimed at reducing the stress of people affected or remedy any sleep disorders that may occur.

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28 March, 2019

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