Characteristics of sedatives


What are sedatives?

Sedatives are medications used in the form of pills to calm the nerves. Act on the body decreasing vital functions which determines its soothing properties.

These can be divided into the following types:


Barbituric acid derivatives (C4H4N2O3). When taken in small quantities they provide tranquilizing properties. But, when increasing the dose, they induce to sleep (hypnotic properties).

They can also be used to anesthetize, as it happens with Thiopental, short-acting anesthetic, used in short operations with anesthesia. Others, like secorbital, are used to treat anxiety.

The anxiolytics or minor tranquilizers

Its role is to ease anxiety and nervousness around. Usually used to replace barbiturates when prolonged use is required to sleep at night or anxiety problems. Among the main ones, we have benzodiazepines, as it is found in some well-known medicines, such as tetrazepam, oxazepam, alprazol or diazepam.

Although anxiolytics are more suitable than barbiturates to avoid anxiety, uncontrolled individual use leads to the same problems as barbiturates. An abusive intake of one or another causes a very clear drunkenness reactions and behaviors similar to that occurring with the ingestion of alcohol.

A wise use can cause drowsiness, diminishing mental capacity and manual skill which can be dangerous when driving a vehicle or working with machines.

When used as drugs, their use is very dangerous, since it can easily incur a fatal overdose. In these cases some symptoms can occur, such as stomach problems, vomiting, mental confusion, difficulty in breathing and they can even lead to coma. This situation will require a quick hospital intervention.

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