Slow metabolism symptoms


What is slow metabolism?

The amount of energy consumed by a person at rest is known as basal metabolism.

Slow basal metabolism is when the body at rest has a lower energy expenditure than normal.

Consequences of slow metabolism

When the metabolism is running slower than normal, the person tends to burn less fat than usual, so fat tends to be stored in his/her body in a higher proportion than normal, resulting in overweight or obesity.

The reason why some people tend to gain more weight than others, eating similarly and practicing equal physical activity, is because their metabolism works more slowly, that’s to say, their bodies consume less calories than needed to maintain an ideal weight.

Dieting and low basal metabolism

Until recently, low-calorie diets were postulated as the most effective way to prevent weight gain, which involved the presence of a low basal metabolism.

In recent times it has been shown that rigid dieting to lose weight, or those with very few calories, were not the best solution to solve overweight or obesity caused by a low basal metabolism.

The body is very wise, so that when the person is subjected to a strict diet, metabolism tends to slow down to avoid having to consume so many calories. Thus, many times the person undergoing this type of diet losses less weight than would be fair according to the low intake of calories.

Sometimes it produces metabolic derangements that cause adverse effects. People lose weight fast because of strict dieting, but equally they recover it back again, and even beyond, when they stop these type of diets.

Some people have the usual custom of alternating periods of menu-based diets with very few calories with other periods of non-controlling food intake. Such people find it increasingly difficult to achieve a healthy stable weight as a result of a very uncontrolled metabolic derangement.

Most modern diets are moving in another direction. They are based primarily on replacing strict diets with those that are intended to accelerate the metabolism.

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19 March, 2019

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