Stretch marks characteristics ( striae)

What are stretch marks or striae?

Stretch marks or Striae are parallel bands of the skin that usually appear in the belly, chest, buttocks, hips, knee joint and thighs, following rupture of the connective tissue fibers that make themselves visible in the epidermis.

Initially they present a reddish purple shade that, over time, become white. Stretch marks remove the hair that could be on them.

They constitute a problem affecting not only to women but also to men and, unlike the wrinkles that come with age, they are also found in young individuals of both sexes.

Although they are not risky for health, they constitute an unesthetic problem that can be very disturbing for many people.

Symptoms of stretch marks

The main symptoms of striae are: Purple lines in the skin turning lighter, scarring like marks, bands like white scars, no hair lines, soft lines when touched, etc

Causes of stretch marks

Pregnancy: (striae gravidarum) An increased volume in pregnancy with the consequent stretching of the skin is one of the most common causes in the appearance of stretch marks. (More information)

Weight change: A change in weight between a state of obesity and thinness or other weight loss just may be the cause of this problem.

Growth: It can also result a sudden growth that occurs in adolescents.

Diseases: Some diseases, such as Cushing’s disease, in which hormones are involved affecting the good condition of the skin. Others, such as contact allergies to chemicals or cleaning products of the house, can cause stretch marks.

Drugs: They also may be triggered by the habitual use of certain medications, such as those containing cortisone

Stress: A state of emotional stress affects the body’s balance, lessens the cellular oxygenation, and can manifest in the skin.

Tips to avoid stretch marks

There are a number of techniques or resources that can help reduce stretch marks. Among them we could mention:

– Avoid sudden changes in weight: This is the most appropriate measure for removing stretch marks. If pregnancy is desirable, from the second or third month, apply a moisturizer on the thighs, hips, breasts, belly and chest. In the morning, a massage in circular motions with a mitt in the susceptible areas will help stimulate the circulation and prevent future occurrence

Pinching techniques to treat stretch marks: Circular smooth pinching with the thumb and index finger on the grooves help stimulate cell growth.

Diet for stretch marks: A diet, rich in natural foods, especially rich in vitamins, helps renew broken tissue or prevent rupture.

Moisturing creams for striae: It is also recommended the use of some natural cream to moisturize the body by promoting their resilience.

Internal skin hydration: Hydration should be also internally, drinking plenty of water (Drink about three liters in summer and a couple in winter)

Treatment of stretch marks

In general, striae represent more an aesthetic problem than a medical question because they respond normally to a sudden stretch of the skin, as occurs in pregnancy, weight changes or growth. In case not having a possible reason, we recommend a visit to the doctor in order to diagnose the real cause.

There are some medical treatments to remove striae or to improve their appearance (dermabrasion, laser treatments, retinoid treatments., fractional laser resurfacing, tummy tuck, etc)

The natural treatment of stretch marks involves using a series of natural resources that can help prevent their occurrence or that are capable of improving their appearance.

punto rojo More information about stretch marks and their natural treatment.

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6 April, 2020

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