Characteristics of styes

What are styes or hordeolums?

A Stye (hordeolum) is an abscess similar to a pimple which are formed in the eyelashes hair follicles as a result of the sebaceous glands becoming inflamed.

They are formed by bacterial action within the glands.

They are very painful, although they usually end up expelling pus and healing spontaneously.

Symptoms of styes

The main symptoms of styes are: swollen eyelids, tear production, red bumps, pus, light sensitivity, eyelashes and eyelids pain, a feeling of having dust in your eyes, etc.

Causes of styes

The main reasons for a stye to develop are:

Bacterial: A stye occurs when bacteria enter the hair follicle of an eyelash and infect the Glands of Zeiss which are the sebaceous glands placed at the end of the eyelids. Staphylococcus aureus is mainly responsible for this infection. It can also appear when a gland of Moll becomes blocked. The glands of Moll are placed at the base of the eyelashes in order to produce sweat for them.

Infection can easily take place when rubbing your eyes or sharing your towels or your shaving utensils with other infected people.

Diseases of the eyelids: The presence of diseases of the eyelids, such as blepharitis or inflammation caused by acne on the eyelid, can produce styes.

Inadequate diet: A poor diet can lead to poor eye health. An inadequate, aggressive environmental conditions and oxidation of the body cause free radicals, which can harm your eyes.

Insomnia: Sleeping inadequately can trigger them.

Dusty places: Dust or other debris blocking the ducts of the glands can inflame them being the reason for a stye.

Treatment of styes

Styes usually heal by themselves. If these have been very persistent, encyst or extend their eyelid infection is more convenient to make a visit to the specialist.

Styes are generally treated with antibiotics. Sometimes a stye needs to be removed by the doctor.

The natural treatment of styes is based on using some natural products that can prevent or cure them.

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