Characteristics of swimmer’s ear

What is swimmer’s ear?

Otitis externa, also called Swimmer’s Ear, is an ear inflammation caused by harmful bacteria or fungi that develop in the ear canal or outer ear.

It is a kind of disease that affects people who subject their ears at a constant humidity creating the suitable environment for the development of microorganisms.

It generally occurs in summer to people going to the beach, river or pool and especially the swimmers who keep their ears for a long time in the water.

Symptoms of swimmer’s ear

The main symptoms of swimmer’s ear are:

Itching in the ear, earache, swelling around the ear, redness, pus, foul smelling ear discharge, hearing loss, wax ear plugs, fever, blood discharge, etc.

Causes of swimmer’s ear

Swimmer’s ear is generally produced by the following causes:

Bacteria or fungi: The main cause of this ear disease is infection by microorganisms. These, taking advantage of favorable conditions (heat and humidity) develop in the walls of the ear canal, causing infection in it.

Wax ear plugs: The excess of wax produced by the ear, when not properly removed, hardens in the ear canal, producing a plug that can cause pain and inflammation in the ear.

Improper cleaning: An improper cleaning of the ear canal can lead to injury to the wall, causing infection. This is very common when trying to clean the ear with your fingers. Fingernails can cause injuries to the ear. Cotton swabs can produce similar effects. Once again we must remember that the they should only be used to clean the outside part of the ear.

Some skin diseases do not directly cause swimmer’s ear but they favor it, such as dermatitis, seborrhea or psoriasis. Microorganisms take advantage of the lesions produced by these diseases to grow.

Diagnosis and treatment of swimmer’s ear

If you experience you should visit your doctor who can diagnose it and provide the proper treatment to follow. The conventional treatment is generally based on antibiotics and anti inflammatory medicines. These are usually administered after having cleaned the ear canal properly.

The natural treatment of swimmer’s ear involves using a series of natural resources that will prevent it or help to cure it.

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