Swimmer’s ear prevention


Tips to avoid swimmer’s ears

Among the most interesting tips to prevent the occurrence of otitis externa, we can distinguish the following:

Dry your ears carefully: You should remove moisture from the ear after its contact with water.

To do this, you can apply heat to the ears through the hot air from a dryer. In addition you can add a few drops of rubbing alcohol, in to kill germs and reduce the humidity level. (Bend the ear upwards to apply the drops and, after application, bend them down to let them go out)

Prevent water to go into the ear: To do this we must avoid wetting the ears during a bath or shower, especially when infection has occurred, in which case we must prevent water from entering the ears until it disappears.

When there is no choice but to come into contact with it, as occurs in swimmers, soft ear plugs or swimming caps should be used for bathing. Even better, one can use both of them.

Do not buy hard ear plugs or inadequate sized ones. Both of them can scratch your ears skin and favor infection.

Avoid swimming in unhealthy water: Water that may be contaminated with germs should be especially avoided. One should be assured to swim in places that have been properly treated. Still, the entry of water can create the environment for bacteria to develop, so the ear should be dried properly after this activity.

Let your ear canal self-clean: You only have to clean the most exterior visible part of the ear, that to say the auricle. Your ear canal, which is the part of the ear from the auricle to the eardrum, is self-cleaning. This has only to be cleaned when the doctor considers it necessary, such as to remove wax ear plugs or other debris.

Do not insert objects or fingers in his ears: These can contain germs that could cause or worsen the infection.

Use adequately headphones or ear buds to listen to music: The use of headphones favors development of moisture inside the ear, so a prolonged use is not advised. You should stop one in a while and let your ear air.

Do not remove ear wax from your ears: Do not do it, except when it accumulates in excess, forming wax ear plugs. Earwax is a protection that must be maintained.

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28 March, 2019

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