How to stop tachycardias


Stress and tachycardias

Stress is one of the main factors triggering tachycardias. A positive attitude towards life, avoiding or minimizing our problems will help us prevent the occurrence of such arrhythmias.

People who have difficulty in achieving relaxation by themselves can find a specialist who can provide the appropriate method.

Relaxation for tachycardia

Too much work involves a personal state of stress which affects our emotional and physical stability and can increase heartbeat.

You need to rest from time to time to regain your balance. This relaxation is particularly necessary when noticing the onset of tachycardia.

When speaking of rest, it is understood that it refers both either physical or psychological stillness. Work resting, stopping being ambitious or getting a few moments of inner peace is necessary to rebalance the mind.

Tachycardia and Vagus Nerve Stimulation

Heartbeat is regulated by the nervous system. The sympathetic nervous system is responsible for accelerating the heart while the parasympathetic nervous system has the function of slowing it down.

Therapy by means of Vagus Nerve Stimulation ((VNS) has been used as a form of healing of various abnormal conditions such as depression or epilepsy. Some specialist think that it could also be suitable in case of tachycardia. In the case of the latter anomaly stimulation of this nerve produces a heart rate slowing down

Vagus Nerve Stimulation is done by an especial gadget which sends electric impulses to the vagus nerve. It requires the intervention of a surgeon in order to implant it. This technique is done at the moment by Cyberonics, Inc. Company

A less intrusive and home remedy to stimulate vagus nerve for someone consists on taking a long breath and, at the same time, bending down one’s head towards one’s stomach. A light pressure on the carotid artery can also provide similar effects.

Exercise and tachycardia

Exercise strengthens the heart muscles allowing it to pump more blood with a lower heartbeat rate. When we are practicing sports, heart beats faster than when we are at rest. However, people who do physical exercise regularly have slower heartbeat when being at rest.

Regular exercise is also a way to release stress, one of the main causes of abnormal heart rhythm.

Diet and tachycardia

Nutrition plays a fundamental role in controlling tachycardia by helping to prevent the causes and factors that predispose to its occurrence. (More information about “Tachycardia diet” in the listing above)

Natural remedies for tachycardia

Some herbal remedies can be very suitable to stop or prevent tachycardia.

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6 April, 2020

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