Tired legs characteristics

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What are tired legs?

Tired and sore legs are mainly caused by a problem of poor blood circulation in the veins of the legs. It is characterized by a feeling of discomfort and heaviness in the legs.

swollen legs
swollen legs

Smoking, drinking alcohol, poor food in fresh vegetables, lack of physical activity, the use of heels and inappropriate clothing are factors that favor poor circulation in the legs.

Who usually has poor circulation in the legs?

The problem of tired legs affects many people, but especially women, who usually suffer in a more usual way than men due to hormonal reasons.

Symptoms of tired legs

The main symptoms of tired legs are:

  • Leg pain
  • Heaviness
  • Swollen legs
  • Swollen ankles
  • Swollen feet
  • Tiredness in the legs
  • Legs that fall asleep
  • Cellulite
  • Etc.

Why do your legs get tired?

cooling their legs in fresh water
People cooling their legs in fresh water

A good way to rest your legs is to sit and put your legs in fresh water. In this way the muscles are tensioned and the return of venous blood is reactivated a little.

Legs can get tired from excess exercise. However, in addition to a problem of muscle fatigue, the legs are usually tired in most cases due to a problem of poor circulation.

Blood is carried from the heart to different parts of the body. Once this blood waters all the organs, it must return through the veins to the heart, in what is known as venous return.

When this return of venous blood from the legs to the heart does not occur properly, blood accumulates in the legs producing what is known as “tired legs.”

Causes of tired legs

The main causes of tired legs can be separated by modifiable factors and non-modifiable factors.

Modifiable causes are factors that favor tired legs and it is in our hands to avoid them, and they are the following:

  • Too much standing: When the legs are not exercised, any activity that forces you to stand for a long time ends up getting very tired legs.
  • Lack of physical exercise: People who maintain a more sedentary activity, such as those who work normally sitting, usually suffer from tired legs. In addition, if you do not usually make any exercise,  as it would be, for example, to ride a bicycle or walk on the mountain at a more or less intense pace, the leg muscles become weaker, which, over the years, it will favor that there is greater heaviness in the legs, for example when standing a long time.
  • Smoking: It is one of the factors that most damage the general circulation, due to its hypertensive and potentially atherosclerotic effects.
  • Inadequate diet: Eating foods high in saturated fat or adding a lot of salt to the food impairs the circulation in the legs and causes fatigue in them.
  • remedies to improve tired and sore legs
    Remedies to improve tired and sore legs.

    Obesity: The overweight supposes greater is three on the legs that manifest it with a feeling of greater fatigue. Slimming should be the natural consequence of a healthy lifestyle and diet. Miraculous diets are not recommended.

  • Constipation: A higher stool content makes it difficult to return venous causing more tiredness in the legs.
  • Wearing inappropriate clothing: Wearing clothes that are too tight prevents proper blood circulation. Also wearing shoes that are too tight or too high or too low heels can cause tiredness in the legs.
  • Stress: Stress contracts the veins and hinders circulation.
  • Consumption of inappropriate substances: Tobacco, alcohol abuse, the use of some medications, such as contraceptives, promotes tiredness in the legs

Predisposition to have tired legs

Other possible causes of tired legs are:

  • Heat: In hotter seasons or when we are in a place where the temperature is hotter, our legs get tired more than in cold seasons or places.
  • Genetic factors: Some people are more predisposed to suffer from tired legs due to inheritance.
  • Pregnancy: During this time it is not only the weight gain of the pregnant woman that can cause the legs to get tired, but the pregnancy also produces a greater fluid retention that causes greater heaviness in the legs.
  • Hypertension: Vascular problems can obviously affect the entire cardiovascular system
  • Venous insufficiency: Problems in the deep veins of the legs to return blood.
  • Gender: Women usually suffer this problem in a greater proportion than men for a hormonal reason.
  • Menopause: As in pregnancy, menopause is a time when a lot of fluids accumulate.

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2 July, 2020

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