Characteristics of vaginal flow

Secretions from the vagina

What is vaginal flow

Vaginal flow is the overproduction of secretions from the vagina. It is different from the “normal”secretions that occur as a result of sexual arousal or other reasons such as hormonal ones (for example during ovulation) or neurological (in special states of anxiety or nervousness)

The sudden changes that take place in the consistency, color or scent of the vaginal flow are those that denote a possible problem in the vagina. Most infections are caused by changes, many of them have to do with sex intercourse and therefore require a proper treatment of the person concerned and her partner who could also be infected.

Symptoms of vaginal flow

Itching in the vagina or vulva, production of milky, thick, smelly flow, greenish secretions, gray, clear secretions, penetrating pain, painful urination, etc.

Causes of vaginal flow

The main causes of vaginal secretions are vaginal infections:

Among the causes that favor the increase of the bacteria, causes of abnormal vaginal flows we have:

– The existence of some object in the vagina: For example, the prolonged use of tampons may favor the development of these flows.

Stress: Stress produces a decrease of the defenses that favors the replacement of a suitable flora in the vagina by pathogenic microorganisms as some of the previously seen

Clothes: Tight-fitting clothes can lead to the same problems.

Drugs, cleaning products or medicines: The ingestion of drugs or certain medications can cause changes in vaginal flora. Equally, aggressive or too persistent hygienic products can lead to the same problems. It may occur with the use of antibiotics, chemical contraceptives.

Inadequate diet: Certain foods such as meat treated with hormones or abuse of sugary foods can facilitate the alteration of vaginal pH that favors the development of pathogenic microorganisms.

Diagnostics and treatment of vaginal flow

In the presence of any symptoms that will make you assume the existence of an abnormal flow, a visit to the gynecologist is imperative, so as to diagnose the reasons for these symptoms. This is especially needed during pregnancy as the presence of microorganisms may influence the health and development of the infant.

The diagnosis of vaginal flow is carried out with an exploration of the patient and usually requires the analysis of a vaginal microbiological culture from a sample of vaginal secretion. Conventional treatment usually takes place with the use of antibiotics or fungicides.

The natural treatment of the vaginal flows implies the use of a series of natural resources that help to prevent or to cure the infection.

punto rojo More information on the natural treatment of vaginal flows.

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22 March, 2019

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