Characteristics of wrinkles

What are wrinkles?

Wrinkles are furrows, marks, or creases. They appear throughout the body as men or women get older.

Although they respond to a natural process, they pose a major concern for everyone because they are clear signs of aging.

Of all the body lines, we give more importance to those that appear on the face, in the neck and hands.

Symptoms of wrinkles

The main symptoms of wrinkles are:

– Skin creases

– Furrows

– Crow’s feet

– Double chin

– Bblemishes

Bruises, etc.

Causes of wrinkles

Aging. Over the years the skin becomes thinner, less elastic, with less fat and less pigment. This has a number of implications for skin blemishes, warts, pale skin, spots, dry skin, bruising, cold, etc.

Pruney fingers or water aging: This is a special type of wrinkles appearing in the palm of the hands or feet as a consequence of being for a long time in contact with water. It seems to be an adaptation of skin to provide a better grip under water.

In normal circumstances wrinkles appear as a consequence of getting old. However, there are other factors that could advance this process, or worse. Among them, we will mention the following:

Sun exposure: The sun is the worst enemy of the skin. It dries it, making it less elastic and making it thicker and worsen its look. In most cases, sun is responsible for the appearance of melanomas or skin cancers.

Body diseases: Among these, we could mainly mention liver diseases (the inability of this body to remove impurities from the blood causes these to appear on the skin) or circulatory diseases (poor circulation to the skin does not provide the nutrients and oxygenation necessary or appropriate to have adequate health). Other possible causes are allergies or metabolic deficiencies, such as obesity or diabetes.

Chemical factors: Exposure to certain pollutants (smoke, tobacco, chemicals) or use of hygiene products not suitable for our skin type, can be responsible for this body to present an older appearance than the normal one for our age. These factors, together with body oxidation, are responsible for the emergence of free radicals that affect condition of the skin

Diet: The adoption of inadequate diets, poor in natural foods, with little input in vitamins, minerals or other components that should nourish the skin is a very common cause which produces wrinkles. (You should avoid excessive consumption of animal fat, alcohol, tobacco and sweets)

Other nutrition factors are very important in wrinkles development, such as, for example, sudden changes in weight, with continuing opposing processes of thinning and weight gaining. This causes the skin not to regain its state of original smoothness, appearing wrinkles and sagging skin, especially on the face (crow’s feet, jowls)

Stress: Situations of personal anguish, loss of balance, inability to sleep, etc. prevent possible relaxation of the skin, especially of facial muscles as demonstrated by the appearance of the face.

Treatment of wrinkles

There are some medical resources to treat wrinkles (tretinoin, botox or restilane). All of them are quite expensive and may have some undesirable side effects.

The natural treatment of wrinkles involves using a series of natural resources that can help prevent their occurrence or that are capable of improving their appearance.

More information about wrinkles and their natural treatment.

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28 March, 2019

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