Hop side effects

(Humulus lupulus)

What are the side effects of hop?

- Dermatitis: hops can cause dermatitis or irritation by direct contact with the skin. This type of reaction is known to those working in the management of hops, and may be on the hands and face. The bitter principles in high doses can cause scarlatiniform erythema when taken internally (congestion of blood vessels).

- Conjunctivitis: the hairs of the plant can cause conjunctivitis.

- Drowsiness: the plant has sedative and hypnotic.

- Allergy: Some people may be allergic to this plant.

Pregnancy and lactation

The use of hops is contraindicated in pregnancy and lactation for its estrogenic effect. Studies show that, when administered to nursing mothers, lupulin increases the flow of milk but it has not been proven to be safe. Consult your doctor before taking hops.

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