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Because of its soluble fiber content, it can help fight constipation, making it an ideal dessert in diets for older people, and perfectly compatible with a healthy diet:


Dandelion, for example, is a good stimulant for liver and biliary function and it is very useful for hepatitis:


The midday meal is aimed to replenish the energy lost during the working hours in the morning and to prepare the body to perform the rest of the work in the afternoon:


For example, avoid fried foods. This type of food absorbs too much oil and involves a lot of fat intake. It is better to prepare a meal with other techniques instead: steamed, boiled, grilled…


The earliest records of lychee cultivation in other countries date back to 1854, in Australia; And in the year 1870 on the islands of Madagascar and Mauritius. It was not until 1883 that lyche arrived in America, in Florida.


It is highly advisable to use anti-inflammatory plants daily, both in food and in the form of a supplement. The use of these herbs helps reduce blood components that cause inflammation, thus decreasing the symptoms of pain and swelling:


Legumes contribute with amounts of calories similar to those of other foods such as rice or potatoes. Do they really make you fat?


The exact causes of liver cancer are not known. However, there are a number of factors that can favour its appearance:


The kidneys are the richest part of lipoic acid in the body, more than the liver. In addition, this component is eliminated in the urine. All this may lead one to think that the component lipoic acid, in excess (dose of supplementation), could have some impact on the kidneys.


Phytotherapy in the treatment of edema involves the use of a number of plants with anti-edema properties, that is to say, plants that increase urination by means of stimulating the kidneys and increasing the fluid excreted through the urine:

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