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A complete list of good and bad food for people suffering from Crohn’s disease:


It is said that the antioxidant properties of this component are much more powerful than those known as vitamin C or vitamin A. It has even been proven that lipoic acid is a component capable of renewing the antioxidants present in the body, prolonging its benefits:


Generally lime reproduces asexually, by budding in other trees such as lemon, orange, or citron…


Flaxseed oil is used in internal use for the treatment of pain for its anti-inflammatory properties. The usual dose is 3 tablespoons per day or 1,500 to 2,000 mg. pearl oil per day:


When there is an amino acid deficiency, the body does not have all the necessary ingredients to make proteins. For example, grains and nuts are deficient in lysine, which is the limiting amino acid.


This salad with curly lettuce, tomato, cheese and flaxseed is a dish rich in fiber, omega-3, beta carotene and minerals such as calcium and magnesium:


People usually suffering much discomfort when eating legumes should become used to them and prepare them so that they may cause the less possible effects:


It is very important in situations where high levels of healing, that is, in any situation involving the need to heal either by trauma or for any other reason is required. (Wounds, fractures, sprains, strains, etc.)


Among many other properties, many experts believe that consumption of lemons and other citrus fruits could be adequate to prevent the onset of numerous cancers. Scientific studies have shown that people who usually eat citrus fruits have more than a 50% chance of not getting stomach cancer:


There are certain situations when it is recommended no to eat legumes:

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