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Some foods are especially convenient because they contain components that help stimulate the immune system or because they are capable of neutralizing the toxins that can alter our defensive system.


Do you know why do you feel hungry?. Factors that make our appetite increase or diminish:


One of the most popular remedies that are made with lemon is water with lemon. Water with lemon is a way to take advantage of the good taste of this fruit and consume it in the drink. Is it dangerous to drink too much water with lemon?


Krill oil is one of the best sources of omega 3 fatty acids EPA and DHA, which are considered the most active, with anti-inflammatory, antithrombotic and vasodilator properties.


Kiwis contain a large amount of vitamin E and omega-3 and omega 6. These components have fluidizing properties for the blood, which helps improve the condition of the arteries, preventing blood clots from forming in blood vessels:


Do not take laurel essential oil if you are pregnant or lactating. Also do not take remedies with bay leaves in a state of pregnancy because there are not enough studies. Check with your doctor before taking laurel.


Before being sown, it is recommended to place them 12 days in a medium with phytohormones to favor germination. Germination may take place in three weeks:


For example, eating persimmon fruits can help keep us young longer, because the antioxidants contained in this fruit can delay the onset of wrinkles, skin spots, crow's feet and other skin, hair or bones blemishes, as baldness, stunted growth, gray hair, osteoporosis, etc:


Traditionally, this plant has been widely used to remedy many diseases. The Greek physician and botanist Dioscorides in his Materia Medica says that this plant is suitable to heat the body and cause the urine:


Using some medicinal plant remedies can diminish joint pain because of arthritis or other diseases. At the same time, these remedies can improve patient’s movements:

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