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The bitter principles found in hops resin have depressant effects on the nervous system, conferring sedative and tranquilizing properties to this plant. However, in high doses, these components can cause some side effects:


Once medicinal herbs purchased, we must know how to prepare to get from infusions all the real medicinal properties.


The best climate for its development is the Mediterranean climate, hot and dry during the summer and cold during the winter. However, it can be cultivated in colder areas with rainier summers given that it can withstand frost well. The main problem lies in the excess water during the summer:


Some people are very prone to bleeding either from the nose or from some injure. There are some foods that are very suitable and other ones that should be avoided:


Its toxicity depends on the temperature and the soil where it grows. In hot countries the toxicity index is higher than in countries with lower temperature.


In cold climates, it is best to plant them in pots during the first year so that they can spend the first winter indoors. When the weather is good, they will be located in their final place.


HOW TO TREAT A HEMATOMA NATURALLY: It is important to take into account those hematomas that produce intense pain, which are located in particular areas (behind the ear, around the navel, etc) or have a very large extent. In this case there could be some significant internal injury. If either of these cases, the patient will need prompt medical attention.


It usually affects first the liver, which due to the iron accumulation, increases in size and can end up causing diseases in this organ such as cirrhosis, hepatic insufficiency or liver cancer.


For example, selenium protects the heart by reducing blood pressure. On the other hand reduces pain in attacks of angina pectoris. The usual dose is set to about 100 mg daily.


Natural treatment for the lack of blood circulation in the liver:

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